Arsys is a responsible company committed to sustainable development, that knows that Information Technologies drive the growth of society and all those who contribute to it.

Information Technologies are not only the focus of our business. The Development of a knowledge-based society is at the heart of Arsys' Corporate Social Responsibility model.

Arsys has adopted a firm commitment to respect and support individuals, human rights, society and the environment. From the General Management to the latest addition to our company, we apply this model to our internal processes and to the different actions derived from providing technology services, committing ourselves to our clients and the environment.


At Arsys, we are committed to providing our clients with the outsourced infrastructure solution they need to make their technology projects a reality:

Our team is made up of over 300 people

who are passionate about technology and helping our clients to benefit from the competitive advantages of ICT.

We develop the most innovative technology solutions

and make them available for our clients' ICT projects.

We are at our clients' service

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through our own Contact Center, which is considered one of the best in the industry. Our team provides every kind of user with the technology solution they need, and it does so through multiple channels: telephone, Client Area, email, social networking, chat...


Arsys combines all technological and industrial resources available to ensure the maximum reliability of its services with the highest rates of energy efficiency. It's all about promoting the responsible use of computing and energy resources so we can benefit from the competitive advantages of ICT in the most efficient manner possible and reduce our carbon footprint.

Arsys' clients also benefit from the latest innovations in Green IT, thanks to a number of different measures:

  • Our facilities incorporate the latest advances in energy efficiency with an elaborate architectural design and advanced climate control systems.

  • Various consolidation projects across virtualised environments and Cloud Hosting platforms. These projects have reduced the number of servers being used, minimised energy consumption and even improved the quality of service.

Together, these measures have reduced the company's energy consumption by 20 %, the equivalent of 300,000 kWh per year, counting both the power consumption of servers and the electricity needed to keep them cool.

Arsys has also adopted various internal environmental policies, at both an administrative and operational level, such as the correct recycling of discontinued hardware in line with international standards.


Arsys has always maintained an ongoing commitment to innovation, which has ensured its technological and entrepreneurial independence, as well as allowing the company to develop the most advanced ICT solutions on the market. Our services are alive and evolving in a continuous improvement process to incorporate the latest technologies to ensure our clients' projects continue to grow.

  • Cloud Hosting

    In April 2009, Arsys was the first European company to deploy a commercial Cloud Hosting platform.

  • Cloudbuilder

    IaaS with virtual hardware and software infrastructures, on a flexible platform with maximum security and no initial investment.

  • Data Centers

    3 Data Centers in Spain and Cloud nodes in the USA, UK and Germany with the latest technological advances in security to guarantee the availability of your services.

  • Communications Network

    Arsys is one of the few Spanish Internet providers that offers its own Communications Network.

  • Hybrid Email

    First email platform to allow Exchange and POP/IMAP technologies to be operated under the same domain name.

  • Multichannel CRM

    Arsys' own CRM (Customer Relationship Management) constantly evolving to improve response to the client.

  • Multiserver Hosting Platform

    This platform allows you to run tasks distributed among multiple servers, completely transparent for the end user.

  • Domain Registration System

    Automated system that guarantees immediate registration of domain names in real time.

  • Swept Project

    European Union ICT Policy Support Programme project (ICT PSP) to detect, avoid and reduce the effects of cyber attacks.