Cloud storage allows you to store, archive and backup large volumes of information. This guarantees protection of critical, confidential or sensitive data with the most complete security methods. At Arsys, we provide you with Cloud storage services with the highest security, reliability and information integrity guarantees. In order to do so, we rely on the best and most prestigious manufacturers in the sector like HP, NetApp and IBM.

Your project will be analysed by our experts in order to recommend a solution that will perfectly adapt to your needs. In order to do that, we use different drive technology according to what your specifications require (SATA, SAS, SSD), for example. The services that we can configure for you are:

Public Access Protocol Use from
NFS CIFS iSCSI FC API CloudBuilder Next Dedicated Servers Internet
iSCSI disk

ECS is storage created for the Cloud

High performance cloud storage

ECS (Efficient Cloud Storage) is a storage service invented in the Cloud and designed for the Cloud. Amongst the advantages of this cloud storage model lies the possibility of storing files and objects in a flexible and scalable architecture, at a cost much lower than traditional storage architectures. Some other notable characteristics are its durability, availability and scalability.

You don't need any other service to use ECS storage. You can use it independently. Consequently, it is accessible from services stored in Arsys (CloudBuilder Next and Dedicated Services) as well as from the Internet or your office through secure networks.

You can access this service with API, a simple software. If you wish, you can download all of the documentation in the following links so that you can verify it:

This type of storage is usually used for:

  • Archiving
  • Backup
  • Disaster Recovery Support
  • Software development
  • Native cloud apps for smartphones and tablets

EPCS and HCS, storage services stored at Arsys

Performance and availability

EPCS (Efficient Plus Cloud Storage) and HCS (High Cloud Storage) storage models are the natural storage alternative for process services on the Cloud located at Arsys (CloudBuilder Next and Dedicated Servers). Although all the Cloud services servers like CloudBuilder Next have local storage from the Operating System point of view, sometimes it's necessary to provide these machines with external storage.

In both cases, storage services are accessible through file protocols (NFS or CIFS) from Cloud servers stored in our Data Centers. The main difference between the two is the performance. EPCS storage is a moderate performance service while HCS is a high performance service.

These cloud storage models tend to be mostly used for:

  • Business applications
  • Databases
  • Exchange Email Services
  • Big Data (online process)

iSCSI drive, ideal for Hybrid Cloud environments

Guaranteeing the highest security guarantees

For projects configured in Hybrid Cloud environments which also contain Cloud servers with Dedicated Servers, the perfect storage solution is the iSCSI drive service. This cloud storage model serves the physical machines in these environments as external storage accessible by block protocols.

A typical usage case are back-end databases in which various physical nodes share external storage.


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