Manage desktops as a service for your users and reduce your costs by up to 40%

The Arsys Virtual Desktop is a desktop virtualisation system which will enable you to centralise and deliver desktops in the form of a service to your users, independently of where they are located. This means you will reduce your TCO and improve the security of your data. Furthermore, you will be able to eliminate the complexity of managing the hardware inventory, operating system versions and patches, the security of work stations and remote accesses, etc.

A solution for managing virtual desktops

Our virtual desktop platform allows you to manage the desktops of your users, according to their needs:

  • Mobile users. For remote and temporary employees or those working away from the office. They can all access their data and apps from any device and from anywhere.
  • Limited duration projects. . In just a few minutes, you can register and unregister desktops for projects which have a limited duration. For example, this option is recommendable for training rooms or laboratories.
  • Software and development testing. You can have various independent virtual desktops with no interoperability restrictions to run the software and development tests you need.
  • Outsourcing of IT Services. You will have a complete business solution in which all the services associated with a specific IT solution are run in the Arsys Cloud, including the work stations.

We have 2 types of virtual desktop to achieve this:

  • Professional. This is a volatile desktop which is recreated with every user connection, with the applications configured in the corporate template.
  • Enterprise. This is a persistent virtual desktop which functions like a PC, allowing the installation of applications and personalisation by the user.

CHARACTERISTICS of Desktop Virtual

  • Virtual desktops, servers and shared storage in the same VLAN per client.
  • The users have a VDI, a dedicated desktop (not just a session).
  • Platform based on NVMe SSD storage.
  • Safe access from any device (without a VPN).
  • Windows 2016 operating system with Windows 10 user experience.
  • Access available for Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, iPad and iPhone.

Benefits of this usage scenario


Immediately incorporate your offices or users into your virtual desktop. You have resources which are adaptable per unit. No type of commitment.

Total Mobility

You can access all applications and documents from any device, with an approximate consumption of 100 Kbps per user.

No investment costs and on pay-per-use

Forget large investments in hardware and software. With Virtual Desktop you won't have to make any initial investments and you will only pay for the resources you use.

The IT is always up-to-date

You will have high performance virtual desktops which will not require maintenance tasks. Therefore, your PCs will have a longer useful life.

Extreme security

We provide you with high availability, backups, SSL encryption, anti-virus and redundancy. Everything you need for your data to be secure.

Computer control (IT)

You will be able to, in very simple way, unify the management of your users' virtual desktops and you will reduce incidents by up to 70%.


  • Data centers in Spain

    Ensure compliance with Spanish regulations concerning the protection of data of a personal nature and the measures required by the RGPD and the LOPDGDD. Here at Arsys we guarantee that your data will never leave Spain.

  • Our Own Call Center in Spain

    More than 300 people, who are passionate about technology and in continuous training, dedicated exclusively to answer your questions and queries.

  • 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

    You can contact us in the way which best adapts to your needs: telephone, chat, the Client Area, email or Twitter.



  • Cloud

    All in your hands Cloud: latest technology choice and configuration data center architecture as: Public, Private or Hybrid.

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  • Networking

    More than 25,000 kilometers of network redundant and high availability for your project has no limits.

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  • Security

    Our security solutions are based on the most advanced tencología and constant investments in innovation.

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