Always offering you the best service

A project with specific requirements can only be developed within a customised work environment and with a team of qualified professionals. To offer you the services you need, at Arsys you can rely on experts to support you from the beginning, with detailed advice, to the control and analysis of each step of the implementation and further development.

Over 20 years of experience administering our clients' servers and platforms.

An ongoing commitment to R&D&i, resulting in our technical guarantee, competitiveness and a range of the most advanced solutions.

Our own Data Centers with the latest technology advances in energy efficiency and availability.

Numerous accreditations, certificates of security and quality and agreements with the most prestigious brands.

Your project, implemented and managed by the best professionals

Always in touch with you whenever you need us

At Arsys, we always uses the most qualified professionals in the sector that will treat your project like their own.

Our professionals that help with service requests as well as incidents are structured by 3 levels of service:

  • Level 1: we receive, record, classify and carry out an initial analysis of client requests. We resolve 80% of service requests, escalating them to the next levels if the task cannot be carried out.
  • Level 2: we receive requests that cannot be resolved at level 1, escalating them to level 3 if they cannot be resolved. We also directly receive requests from clients with Advanced or Premium support.
  • Level 3: we receive requests escalated from the previous level, this being the last level within the support process.

Levels of incidents

The priority of an incident is treated with the speed that it needs. Assigned resources, scalable times and notification are established for it. At Arsys, we distinguish 4 kinds of priorities:

Priority Description Examples
P1 (Critical) Incident that causes complete service unavailability. The web service of a portal does not respond when accessed from the Internet. It is completely down.
P2 (High) Service degradation. The service is not available under certain situations, or is degraded significantly as regards performance or response times. Browsing via a website is slow or a random 404 error occurs.
P3 (Medium) Incidents that do not affect service or urgent service requests for the client. Unavailability of FTP access to the machine, urgent service request to expand platform capacity as a result of an increase in access.
P4 (Low) Other requests. Requests for ethical hacking audit or non-urgent hardware expansion. Requests for general information.

Types of Support

In order to attend to the specific requirements and needs of our clients, we differentiate 2 kinds of support:

  • Advanced Support

    You will get in contact directly with a high level dialogue (level 2) that uses professionals with the most technical knowledge and experience. This support offers you: 24/7 customer service, response times, notification and escalation, resolution times in regards to ANS, and access to N2 support.

  • Premium Support

    Special support with the highest guarantee in regards to the level of service for complex and critical solutions. This includes: 24/7 customer service, response times, notification and escalation, resolution times in regards to the SLA, and access to N2 support, the best committed times for response, notification and escalation and a technical account manager assigned to your project.

At the Premium Support level, we become an extension of your technical departments. We assign a Technical Account Manager to your project, who fully understands your business, your current platform and its growing needs, who will accompany you throughout the life cycle of your service. The Technical Account Manager assigned to your project will review incidents that occur on the platform in regular follow-up meetings with your technical team.

We offer you Service Level Agreements

Implication, transparency and confidence

At Arsys, we provide you with Service Level Agreements (SLA's) that mark the quality of the services that we offer. These service levels fall within ISO processes implemented at Arsys, the objective being that they are fulfilled and continuously improved. These SLA's normally define suggested values for:

  • Infrastructure availability
  • Communication availability
  • Resolution time of requests for basic operations
  • Incident response time

For example, should the promised monthly availability be reduced, you would be entitled to claim a refund on the monthly service fee of the promised SLA. SLA measurements will be made monthly along with the application of any respective penalties.

We are available by phone, email or chat every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

You may contact our Support Department by phone, email or the internet whenever you need to. In the last case, we use a software tool that allows us to communicate with you and carry out and follow service requests and incidents:

  • Reflects changes in request status: accepted, in process... and will notify them via email.
  • It allows lists to be obtained according to certain criteria (list of open, closed and per-reported-user incidents, by assignee, by date range, etc., as well as combinations of these criteria).
  • The request's response and maximum resolution time depends on how critical it is.
  • Protected by username/password.


  • Data centers in Spain

    Ensure compliance with Spanish regulations concerning the protection of data of a personal nature and the measures required by the RGPD and the LOPDGDD. Here at Arsys we guarantee that your data will never leave Spain.

  • Our Own Call Center in Spain

    More than 300 people, who are passionate about technology and in continuous training, dedicated exclusively to answer your questions and queries.

  • 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

    You can contact us in the way which best adapts to your needs: telephone, chat, the Client Area, email or Twitter.



  • Cloud

    All in your hands Cloud: latest technology choice and configuration data center architecture as: Public, Private or Hybrid.

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  • Networking

    More than 25,000 kilometers of network redundant and high availability for your project has no limits.

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  • Security

    Our security solutions are based on the most advanced tencología and constant investments in innovation.

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