In order to guarantee the best service for their clients, the insurance comparison tool uses different solutions from Arsys since its creation in 2007. But the move to the Cloud that provided the laaS CloudBuilder solution was especially important for the company.

In 2010, decided to migrate all of its web services to the Cloud in order to improve the flexibility of its services and optimise costs. Thanks to the implementation of CloudBuilder and Arsys' counselling, since then it has been able to avoid under-use of its servers at valley times, activate connectivity servers almost immediately and guarantee that its systems will respond at optimal times, even during times of high demand.

Carlos Brüggemann, co-founder and Director of Operations at, tells us about it in this interview.

Mario and Carlos Brüggemann, founders of

Mario and Carlos Brüggemann, founders of

What is and who is it meant for? was created in 2007 as the first insurance comparison tool in Spain. It helps consumers choose their insurance when faced with the avalanche of offers they receive in a market as competitive as the insurance one. The idea is very simple: help find the product that best adapts to the needs of the person to be insured at the lowest price possible in the market, for free.

What Arsys services do you use and what has the evolution been like?

We began working with Arsys in 2007 when we upgraded our business project's domains which at that point had just been created. At the end of 2010, we planned to migrate practically all of our web services to Arsys and we chose CloudBuilder. We were pioneers in carrying out intensive use on the Cloud because we understood its potential right away. The solution has improved a lot over time. Although it has met our expectations from the start, today it is much more optimised and automated. That is why we can operate independently from the panel without needing help from an Arsys technician with the exception of the occasional, more complex questions.

What are the main advantages that you have noticed since working with the Cloud?

Greater flexibility and cost optimisation are the main advantages. On one hand, we don't have to have a determined amount of Dedicated Servers that at valley times are not used. On the other hand, thanks to server cloning and functions like firewall rules or load balancers, the creation of new machines and activation of connectivity services is almost immediate. Also, due to the ease of using the panel, we can manage the main actions that we need the platform to do.

What advantages do you provide to your clients that you manage through our Cloud infrastructure?

Thanks to the flexibility to adapt ourselves to spikes in traffic with a variable number of Cloud Servers, we guarantee that our systems will respond in optimal time even in peak times without increasing costs to the company.

Can you comment on a certain project that you have initiated on the Cloud in which the Cloud has provided a distinctive edge?

Because of its adaptation to the Cloud environment, I would highlight the infrastructure that we needed for our marketing campaigns. It has all of the frontal configuration that is adapted to the variable traffic loads that we get at any time. The alternative was relying on a fixed cost that was guaranteed with a high number of Dedicated Servers which would have been completely unused during valley times, causing a significant increase in cost.

There are still many companies that are reluctant to migrate their projects to the new Cloud model. In your experience, how would you encourage them to face the transition to the Cloud?

The key to moving to the Cloud model is to test the system and its performance according to your needs. In this sense, it´s best to dedicate time to "playing" with the panel in order to put a server in use in very little time. In this way, we can confirm the availability and cost savings right away. Even if you aren't looking for a model with large peaks and valleys but rather simply want to scale up little by little in order to manage future traffic without having to size machines.
From there, I would suggest replicating a physical production machine on the generated Cloud Server and do a stress test to validate its performance in comparison to the physical machine. Once this trust is earned, most clients should have neutralised their fears and have also confirmed all of the advantages that the Cloud can offer.


Founded in 2007, is the best independent insurance website in Spain with a pioneer insurance comparison tool service. In only three minutes, for free, you can independently find the best prices in the market, with the quality and guarantee of over thirty major insurance providers in Spain. Besides auto mobile insurance, compares motorcycle, home, health and life insurance. This makes the task of saving on basic insurance easy for any Spanish family.

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