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From the first moment since it was founded in 1999, the software development company Bitware has trusted in Arsys´ services to host its technological projects. Since then, the collaboration between both companies has been continuous, allowing Bitware to adapt its technological infrastructures to the occasional needs at any time simply, quickly and flexibly.

Thanks to Arsys' CloudBuilder, Bitware manages its own Data Center on the Cloud, in which it develops the environments for its own clients´ projects without ever losing sight of the highest quality for its solutions, as confirmed by the various certifications that they have achieved.

In this interview, Luis Montalbán, Bitware's CEO, explains the main identifying features of the company and how Cloud is contributing to consolidate the quality of their projects, creating new business opportunities and increasing their levels of service.

Luis Montalbán, Bitware's CEO.

Luis Montalbán, Bitware's CEO.

What is Bitware exactly?

Bitware is a Spanish company founded in 1999 that gathered a team of experienced professionals in the information technology field and activity management. With experts in computers, management, projects and beyond the mere implementation of standard solutions or tailored developments, we add truly innovative characteristics by providing solutions and integrated products for our clients' computer service needs.
We have extensive experience (over 17 years) in IT systems. This allows us to collaborate more intensively and put a stake in service quality and the realisation of the projects that we are immersed in.

What are the main identifying features of Bitware? What services do you offer?
The business culture of Bitware puts a stake in the production of our own products and services. This allow us to optimise adaptation to software engineering and do it with quality and qualification as our main identifying features. Bitware has the major IT sector certifications (ISO/IEC 15004 Spice – Software Life Cycle Processes, ISO/IEC 27.001-Information Security, ISO/IEC 20.000 – 1,ISO/IEC 25.000 –Maintenance, ISO/IEC 25.000 – Functional Adaptation and Project Research, Development and Innovation – Development Methodology, ISO/IEC 9001:2015) and we are associate members of the Asociación Española de la Calidad (AEC). This is a guarantee that few businesses like us can offer to their clients.
Our main services are comprised of four large areas: Quality (Life Cycle Processes; Process Auditoring, Quality and Code Optimisation Consulting; Project Management or PMP), Projects (Technical Office and Project Office; Business Consulting; Outsourcing; Infrastructure, Tailored Development and Products, like telephone infrastructure, HR, Inventory, Occupational Risk prevention, Document management; Strategy and Organisation) and Security (Security and Data protection security; Static security analysis; Code auditing and Hacking ethics).
We also seek partnerships that will complement our projects and services. An examples is the case of Kiuwan, a measuring tool which allows us to give visibility to code indicators and decision making. This, connected to the ISO model procedures, gives us a much more competitive value in regards to our competition.

How long has you worked with Arsys? What has your evolution been like?

Our relationship with Arsys dates back to the founding of the business in 1999. Since then, our paths have gone hand in hand. Throughout the years, we have evolved and adapted our business processes. Arsys has been one of our referring suppliers by providing us with the IT solutions we need to develop our activity as technological developers and consultants.
Although we use Domains, Web Hosting, Online Shops, etc. services, I would highlight the IaaS Cloudbuilder solutions and the various advanced services that Cloud Solutions has provided to us. This has allowed us to have a robust structure that is adaptable to our needs and those of our clients, and distinguishes our business at the same time.

Why did you decide to turn to Arsys to accompany you in your migration to the Cloud?

The technology market has a very accelerated and demanding pace. In this sense, we have noticed a huge change by moving our main solutions to the Cloud. The needs of our projects constantly evolve and our clients demanded a series of IT infrastructures that were adaptable to their needs and to the business. With a traditional infrastructure, our adaptation ability was more limited. Through a viability study, we saw that Arsys was our best Partner and that CloudBuilder was the solution we needed because of its scalability, security, confidence, high availability and level of technical service.
At that time, it was 2013 and now, looking back, I could consider it a risky bet because we came from a traditional IT business with infrastructure in our facilities. However, Cloud has allowed us to improve our services by providing access to new business opportunities, promoting mobility of our technicians. They have offered us the possibility of growing under the demand of our needs.

How was the implementation carried out?

The teamwork with the Arsys personnel and the interest in offering a good service has resulted in a simple implementation of our Cloud solutions. It is personalised according to our requirements and under acceptable implementation periods in order to reach the milestones on time and properly, in the launches as well as in development, integration, quality and production environments. Our critical aspects were always reinforced like availability, access security and storage and information safeguarding, which has increased the added value of our services. To that end, the 24/7 Technical Support and the personalised treatment through the TAM (Technical Access Manager) team from Cloud Solutions has been crucial.

Since you have been on the Cloud, what are the main advantages that Bitware and your own clients have received?

From a merely economical point of view, we have reduced our infrastructure costs by 15 % and 20 % in productivity, as well as an additional 40 % derived from the platform's flexibility. However, the main advantages are intangible. They come from greater competitiveness and improvements in service levels and attention to our clients, which is setting up new business opportunities. For example, we can now develop and implement SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. We can only cover this line of business in time and costs through a Cloud solution like the one that Arsys offers.

In what specific Bitware projects has Cloud Computing provided you with a differential value?

With Cloud storage, we have performed launches in record time, analysed loads and detected needs for our software. Currently, 100 % of our projects are developed on Arsys Cloud Services. Without a doubt, one of the most crucial projects for the business is that the Cloud has made it possible for us to achieve the most demanding certifications for our own software.

In 2014, we achieved the first ISO 25000 certification in Software Maintenance. Now in 2016, we have achieved another first ISO 25000 certification in Functional Software Adaptation. In both cases, we have reached the maximum maturity level (5). After various years of intensive Research and Development work with AENOR ICTs and the AQC Laboratory, we have been amongst the first to address and certify our products in Software Product Quality, which constitutes an unprecedented milestone for an SME like us. To that end, the team of professionals that Bitware is composed of puts a stake in and works very hard to standardise and apply said norm, not without errors at first, until we achieve level 5 as a calling card of what we are able to do and what we seek to offer to our clients.

This is our best calling card when showing our clients what we are capable of doing and what we are looking to offer now under the new Cloud model.

25000 maintenance25000 Adaptability

About Bitware
Bitware is a consulting services, project and business development solutions company in the software engineering sector that provides its clients with a personalised answer through a wide offering of services. Bitware is also the first company in Spain to achieve a level 5 in product development based on the ISO 25000 regulation, the international standard for the evaluation of software product quality. Amongst the Bitware solutions there are: the human resources portal BITHR, the electronic billing system BitBillingand the document manager BitDOC.

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