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The comparison tool´s commitment is based on always offering the best service possible to its clients. In order to achieve this, they use the most advanced systems in an accessible, scalable and secure environment. That is why they have opted to migrate to the Cloud with a hybrid model that combines the infrastructure of Dedicated Servers and the Arsys IaaS CloudBuilder solution.

In this way, gets the best out of its systems and relies on the flexibility of the Cloud with its IT architecture to handle the peaks and valleys of the demand.

This solution has boosted's initial IT platform in both the number of servers implemented as well as the evolution towards different advanced systems in order to offer the highest possible quality service to the company's clients and employees. "Now we are able to provide Cloud Servers for our web applications and internal systems, including databases, authentication systems, reporting tools, performance monitoring, load balancers, firewalls, VPN, DDoS prevention systems and many more functionalities as a service," explains Ángel Hidalgo, Director of Technology at

Ángel Hidalgo, Director of Technology at

Ángel Hidalgo, Director of Technology at

This versatility translates to clients having a more fluid navigation on their web pages at all times and above all, them always being accessible through any device. All of this is managed by a technical team at from the CloudBuilder control panel.

They have placed high availability services and data mining on the traditional architecture of Dedicated Servers. According to Hidalgo, "the physical storage allows us to get drive access at times so that we can integrate them more easily into our systems, especially with the reporting that our Business Intelligence team needs. The backup systems, both on the Cloud and the physical ones, allow us to always be secure in case of any functioning problem that may occur," he adds.

The advantages of the Cloud

"With this hybrid architecture, the main advantage is that we are now able to perform most of the changes quickly without having to wait for a few days," emphasises the Director of Technology at

There are also two characteristic concepts of the Cloud model that are highly related to speed: flexibility and availability. These are greatly accelerating the comparison tool's IT resource planning processes by allowing the technical team to adapt the platform to the demand of computing resources and to do this with the highest ratios of availability when faced with the launch and evolution of the company's technological projects.

Also, the flexibility of the Arsys IaaS CloudBuilder solution allows it to grow in correlation to the needs of the market in real time. "Our systems are always ready to provide service to more and more clients optimally and to integrate new products by using the latest technological trends," adds Hidalgo.

Internally, these levels of services will also benefit the different departments at They can now plan new projects and always have the computer capability they need to cover their business and develop the necessary technology for their applications in real time. "We can even provide employees with different access permissions according to their role and perform monitoring on all of the actions carried out to make the analysis easier in the case of incidents," concludes Hidalgo.

In this way, the adopted hybrid solution has allowed to have the best advances in Cloud as well as the advantages of using Dedicated Services. Both architectures are perfectly integrated along with the rest of the company´s IT architecture, making the most out of them and creating a robust environment that complies with all of current needs of the company.

About is the comparison leader of insurance, telephone, finance, energy and many other services. They belong to the division of aggregators of the Admiral Group.
The website offers automobile, motorcycle, life, home, truck, pet, travel, skiing, health and death insurance comparisons. Users can access it by filling out a form that takes approximately 4 minutes. Likewise, they can access comparison services for Financing Products through the website: Mortgages, bank deposits, personal loans, trips: Flights, hotels, rental cars, airport transfers, phones: Mobile rates, ADSL/Fibre, buy mobile phones, sell mobile phones, accessories, online offers, cars: Pre-owned cars, tires and vehicle reports, energy: Light and gas rates, energy certificates and solidarity projects. The company informs the consumer and allows them to purchase the product of their choosing without carrying out any economic transactions. uses a FCA passport to operate in the Spanish market and the online confidence seal to certify the security and transparency of their activities.

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