Migration and Implementation

Professional Services | Migration and Implementation

We'll be at your side during the migration and implementation of your solution

Why should you hire experts for the migration and implementation of your project?

  • At this stage of your project's development, whether it's a migration to a new provider or a change of architecture, everything should already be decided. Even so, in order to ensure a high level of service and the desired frequency of service, it is essential to dedicate uninterrupted time to perform the necessary tasks. This work involves, for example: addressing the deployment and implementation of a new infrastructure and configuring all the software (operating system, applications, intermediate systems, databases, caching systems, single sign on, radius, etc.).

  • Business needs and/or changing environments force companies’ IT teams to dedicate all their knowledge and work to daily operation. This leaves them very little time for important business tasks that are supported by management.

Our team of experts will get involved with your project as if it were their own

    • If you wish, our team of engineers can take care of the deployment and initial configuration of your platform. There are two possible scenarios:

      • We have participated in designing your solution. We will already have much of the knowledge of it and will need some further details for configuration and implementation that we will solve at the project launch meeting.
      • We have not participated in designing your solution. We will review the implementation documentation in order to assess the effort required and to understand the different tasks to be carried out. Once all doubts have been clarified, and after the proposal has been approved, we will define a schedule and the details to be worked out.

      We will then assign you a project manager to manage the necessary internal resources and interact with the various external actors involved. After the launch meeting, a project plan will be drawn up as agreed and implementation will begin after the minutes are accepted. In this way, the adopted solution will be deployed in a timely manner.

      Once the implementation is complete, you will have a period of acceptance to check that the platform meets your requirements.

  • We will also provide you with platform migration services, something we have been doing continuously for more than 20 years with our own platform and technology evolutions, as well as with thousands of migrations with our more than 260 thousand customers. You will have the support of our technical team to study the best ways to perform a migration of one or several systems and choose the best one according to the key factors detected by the team.

    The last step is to perform evaluation tests or simulations that are fully functional on the platform. You will be able to incorporate additional stress tests before tackling the migration. For that critical step, we will define the action windows, the deadline and the rollback, should it be necessary.

    Once the migration is complete, the productive stage and the support cycle will begin. If you decide on Premium Support, you will have access to advice from an assigned engineer (Technical Account Manager) who will have been part of the implementation team and will have all the necessary knowledge to help you.