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Transfer requirements

  • The domain status must be unblocked (ACTIVE status)

    The domain must be unblocked for transfers to allow Arsys to make the request.

  • The domain information mustn't be hidden

    The registrar details must be available and not ID protected (Private Whois) so that they can be consulted in the search.

  • The Email of the account holder and administrative contact of the domain must be valid

    To be able to make the transfer, we have to contact the persons responsible for the domain so that they can approve the transaction.

  • You must have the authorisation code, EPP code or Auth Code (except .es).

    The Auth Code is a password assigned by the registrar as a security measure to approve a domain transfer.

Frequently asked questions about Domain transfer

  • What is a change of registrar or domain transfer?

    A domain transfer consists of the change of the registrar entity responsible for the management and maintenance of the domain.

  • Is it necessary to modify the holder or the DNS of the domain?

    A change in the registrar is not the modification of the domain owner and does not necessarily involve the alteration of its DNS to host it on another server.

  • How does the transfer affect the operability of my domain?

    Once the domain has been transferred to Arsys, we will modify the DNS servers, unless you indicate otherwise in the contracting process. This change of DNS will suppose that, within 48 hours following the confirmation of transfer, the hosting product associated with your domain (website, email, etc.) will cease to be operational on the former server and will start to be visible on the entire Net from the Arsys servers, depending on the product you purchased. Before changing the registrar, you can upload any files you want to the web space you purchased from Arsys.

  • Can I request a domain transfer if the administrative contact email is invalid?

    If it is a generic domain (.com, .net, .org, .info, .biz), or a .cat, .eu, .be, .mobi, .name, .tv, .cc or .ws domain, you can request the transfer. This is because these domains require the express authorisation from the domain owner, either by email or in writing and the confirmation email sent to the administrative contact in the case of generic, .cat, .mobi and .name domains does not require express authorisation. If it is a .es, .com.es, .nom.es or .org.es domain, you cannot request a transfer because express authorisation is required from the administrative contact's email for the transfer process to be successfully completed.

  • What are the requirements for a transfer?

    • The domain should be yours. In order to prove it, you need to have the authorisation code, EPP code or Auth Code (except for .es).
    • The domain status must be unblocked (ACTIVE status).
    • The domain information mustn't be hidden.
    • The email of the account holder and administrative contact of the domain must be valid.
    • The domain can not be expired.
  • What can I do if my provider appears as the administrative contact but rejects the transfer?

    If you have requested a change of registrar and are being rejected by the administrative or technical contact email address or by your provider, you should contact your provider or the company with which you bought the domain registration.

    If you are still having problems with your provider, you can contact the registrar entity to reclaim control of the domain.

  • What happens if the domain I want has expired?

    When the domain registration has expired and it attains the "Registrar Hold " status, it will no longer be possible to transfer it. It must be renewed with its current provider before you are able to request the transfer. Therefore, we recommend that you do not wait for the expiration date of the domain to transfer it to Arsys.

  • What happens if the domain I want is taken?

    • Look for a new domain which is available and which suits your interests. Try variants of your original idea, either in the root (shopgomez.com in place of gomezshop.com) or in the extensions (gomez.shop in place of gomezshop.com, etc.)
    • Try to buy the domain you like from the current owner.
    • If you think that the domain belongs to you because its current use violates your trade mark rights, you can try seeking legal advice.
  • How can I know who has registered the domain that I am interested in?

    To find out the details used to register a domain, run a search at arsys and consult the Whois icon to get more information. The "Registrant " is the account holder of the domain and to all intents and purposes the owner of the domain. It is usual for the details of the "Administrative Contact " to be those of the person who manages the domain or otherwise the same as those of the account holder.

  • How is a domain transfer billed?

    You choose the form of payment which best adapts to your needs: bank transfer (which means we will also require an account number to which we will automatically charge any future renewal invoices) or credit card (which will also be used for renewals). Remember that you can change from one form of payment to another in your Client Area whenever you like. Domains are billed on a yearly basis.

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