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System Administration. We are experts in optimising platforms and ensuring their development

How can your IT team be more effective?

To make the most of your IT team's time and knowledge, it can be useful to delegate purely technical work that is unrelated to your business’s core tasks to other teams with the necessary certifications and experience to complete them.

System Administration

Our platform administration services

    • System Administration through Time Banking. This is the easiest way to receive support from our team of engineers. Their professional help can resolve one-off issues by investigating the root of the problem and resolving it directly on the server or platform. We can also carry out one-off scheduled tasks. You can purchase this service in advance (in the form of a Time Bank) or whenever the service is needed (this option has a unit cost).
    • Basic Infrastructure Administration. Delegating this task to us means we will take over monitoring the administrated infrastructure and managing the operating system, including its patches. We will also try to resolve any issues revealed during monitoring.
    • Advanced Administration. As well as basic administration tasks, we will take care of administrating your most critical elements, including network elements, database management systems and/or application servers that reside in your infrastructure.