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  • Prevent your data from being used for spam, telemarketing or datamining
  • Receive domain expiry notices
  • Get a document certifying the ownership of your domain name
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A domain I am going to register or transfer to Arsys
Type in the search engine the domain you want to register or, if you already have it with another provider, that you want to transfer to Arsys. And don't forget to add Domain Protection.
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  • 2 Select the domain to protect
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Why do I need to protect my domain name?

To protect your brand

We know that the name of your project is everything, it identifies what you do and represents you to your clients. That is why it is important that you secure it:

  • Preventing involuntary, accidental or malicious transfers.
  • Preventing others from registering your name with other domain extensions.
  • Preventing impersonation attacks.

To prevent fraud

Internet crime is becoming more and more widespread and it is increasingly common for your domain registration details to be used, if they are not protected, for spamming, telemarketing or other frauds.

What features does Domain Protection include?

  • Hiding data from spammers

    The public Whois database will not show references to your name, country, province..., as required by ICANN, the entity that manages domain names. This way you avoid your data being used for spam, telemarketing, datamining...

  • Domain ownership documentation

    You will have a document that includes the ownership details of your domain, proving that it is yours. This way, you will be able to present it to any entity so that it will be very easy for you to prove the ownership of your domain.

  • Protection against domain transfers

    You can easily lock your domain so that nobody can transfer it. With just one click you will be protecting it against unwanted transfers. Only you will be able to exercise this action when you consider it necessary.

  • Explanation notice for peer domains

    Prevent your domain name from being registered with another extension and for other purposes by receiving a notification when a domain name with the same extension as yours (.com, .es, .biz, .net and .info) becomes available.

  • DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions)

    This protocol signs the DNS entries of a domain to ensure that the user accesses a real domain. This protects your domain against spoofing attacks, ensures the security of your visitors and prevents information theft.

Domain protection perks

  • 10% discount for Trademark Clearinghouse

    If you have a registered trademark, the TradeMark ClearingHouse (TMCH) allows you to access a centralised database so that you have preference when registering any new domain extensions in the phases prior to their launch. We now include a 10% discount with Domain Protection so that you can protect your trademark when contracting this service.

Protecting your data and your domain is very easy

  • 1

    Choose the domain you want to protect

    You may already have a domain registered with Arsys, you may want to register a new one, or you may be transferring it from another provider.
  • 2

    Add Domain Protection

    During the process of contracting your registration or transfer. If you already have it registered with Arsys, activate it from your Client Area.
  • 3

    Activate the functions you are interested in

    You will now have your ownership document available for download. You will be able to activate the services you need and access your discounts.
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Frequently asked questions about Domain Protection

  • How do I activate the Domain Protection service?

    The Domain Protection service can be activated from your Client Area (for the domains you already manage) or when you register or transfer a new domain.

  • On what domains can I activate Domain Protection?

    Domain Protection is a service which is available for the following extensions: .com, .es, .cat, .net, .org, .info, .biz, .ws, .cc, .mobi, .cc,,,, .tv, .online, .madrid, .eus, .barcelona, .app, .gal, .blog, .shop, .store, .tienda, .email, .cloud, .club, .wine, .bio, .pro, .tech, .site, .digital, .company, .global, .education, .legal, .marketing, .art, .futbol, .moda, .agency, .consulting, .solutions, .world, .travel, .academy, .surf, .international, .events, .vin, .studio, .group, .plus, .services, .casa, .bike, .energy, .mba, .viajes, .center, .solar, .life, .news, .uno, .xyz, .top, .icu and .vip.

  • What are counterpart domains and how do I activate counterpart notifications?

    Counterpart domains are domains with the same name but with a different extension (e.g. and

    Counterpart notifications enable you to find out the state and expiration date of the counterparts of your domain, for .com, .es, .biz, .net and .info extensions. You will also receive reminders a few days before any of these domains expire so that, if you are interested in registering them, you can do so in good time.

    You can activate or disable counterpart notifications from the Domain Protection control panel.

  • Can I avoid unwanted transfers of my domain?

    Domain Protection includes a service which enables you to block and unblock your domain so as to avoid unwanted transfers to another provider.

  • How can I prove that I am the owner of a domain?

    The information shown in the public Whois is usually insufficient for proving the ownership of a domain. With Domain Protection, you will obtain a downloadable PDF document with the registration data that can be used for informational purposes.

  • How does the 10% discount for TradeMark ClearingHouse work?

    If you have the Domain Protection service, you get a 10% discount when you register in TMCH (TradeMark ClearingHouse). This enables trademark owners to register the details of their trademarks in a centralised database, both before the launch of new extensions and when they are active.

  • How is Domain Protection invoiced?

    You choose the form of payment which best adapts to your needs: bank transfer (which means we will also require an account number to which we will automatically charge any future renewal invoices) or credit card (which will also be used for renewals). Remember that you can change from one form of payment to another in your Client Area whenever you like.

    Domain Protection is billed annually alongside the domain with which it is associated. If you buy this for a domain which you have bought previously, an initial prorated invoice will be issued for the months remaining until the renewal of the domain and then it will be renewed along with it.

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