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We have hundreds of extensions at Arsys and what's more, when you register 3 domains, you only pay for 1. Here are the most popular ones so that you can get more information about them and find out if the one you want is available. Do you have any questions? Contact us 24 hours / 7 days.

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Welcome page. A presentation page which you can personalise with your texts and brand colours.

Auto-renewal. Your domains will be renewed automatically so that you never lose them.

DNS Management. Using our Control Panel you can easily manage the DNS entries of your domain.

Website Forwarding. Point your new domain at an existing one with website forwarding (visible). If you want forwarding with an active Frame (not visible), consult our domain redirection service.

All the formalities. No complications. Experts are available to you 24x7 to help you when you need it.

Project your identity in Europe

Register your .eu domain

Finding the perfect domain for your website, e-commerce, or personal blog is a crucial step for the success of your project. And choosing the right extension can mean standing out from your competition and receiving more visits.

Purchasing a .eu domain is the best option to reach a wide audience in the European Union member countries, providing credibility and protection for your brand.

Registro de dominio EU

What use is a domain?

  • Your name on the Internet

    A domain is the name of your website (URL) and what will be shown after the @ in your email addresses. Use one to protect your brand and enable your current or potential clients to easily find you online.

  • Unique in the world

    There cannot be two identical domain names, as each domain and its sub-domains (e.g. www.mydomain.com) point to their corresponding IP address (e.g. You can use your domain for all the online services you want: a website, email, servers, cloud storage, API, etc.

  • Transfer your domains

    If you have already registered a domain with another provider and you want to transfer it to Arsys, you will get one year's renewal.

How do I choose the perfect domain name?

  • Make it easy to remember

    So that your potential clients can remember the domain and reach your website easily.

  • Include your brand or your keyword

    This means that when your website is shown in the search results of the most popular search engines, the name you have defined will stand out.

  • What do I do if it has been registered already?

    To find available domain names, you can use a new extension that is not so in demand. For example, if you want to register shoeshop.com you can choose shoe.shop and check whether it is available. Also, this means that you will have a shorter domain name which only contains the words you want. You can also choose to use synonyms or change the word order.

  • Avoid users having difficulties

    Using special characters and/or accents is allowed but they make it difficult for users to remember your domain name and might even make it easier for them to confuse it with a similar domain.

Frequently asked questions about domains

  • What is a domain?

    A name on the Internet, easy to remember and allowing you to, among other things, visit websites or send emails. It is usually made up of two words separated by a dot. The first word identifies the name and the last one (called the extension) identifies the type of domain. Originally, at the beginnings of the Internet and up until the 80s, devices connected to the Net were identified using an IP address. Thanks to the Domain Name System (DNS), IP addresses are replaced with domain names, which are easier to remember. => Arsys

  • What types of domains are there?

    There are two large groups or categories of domain names:

    • Generic domains or gTLDs are domain names which do not correspond to geographic criteria. They are managed by ICANN, the world authority in matters of domains, in conjunction with the bodies responsible for the maintenance of each type of domain (Verisign, PIR, Afilias, Neulevel, etc.). In recent years, hundreds of new types of extensions have been launched, with many types of categories ranging from geographic (.london, .paris), business (.company), or leisure (.dance), etc.
    • Territorial domains or ccTLDs are domains associated with a geographical location. Spain (.es) or France (.fr), for example. There are 252 territorial domains and they are formed of two letters which identify each country according to the ISP 3166 codes. They are managed by national bodies and in accordance with the registry regulations of each specific country.
  • How do I know if the domain I am interested in is free or already registered?

    Run a search for the domain on our website and we will let you know if it is available.

    Registering a domain means reserving the right to use a name on the Internet for a certain period of time. For the majority of extensions, the first person to request a domain name has the right to register it and requests are processed based on the chronological order in which they were made: it is based on the "first come, first served" principle.

  • Can I change a domain name for a different one?

    No, this is not possible. Once a domain name has been registered it cannot be changed. You can cancel the registration but you cannot exchange it for another or be reimbursed for any amount paid for said registration.

  • Can I modify the domain's details once it has been registered?

    Yes. You can modify the details of your domains quickly and simply from your Client Area.

  • Can I register domains with special characters?

    Yes. With Arsys, you can register domain names with multilingual characters (IDNs) with the .com, .net, .org, .es, .tv, .cc, .cat and .ws extensions.

    The IDN domains are at an incipient stage in operational terms, yet to be fully technologically adapted. Therefore, their operability may differ depending on the type of browser and of the mail client used in each case. Some of them might require to download an application with this technical feature.

  • How are new domains registered?

    With the new domain extensions (such as .barcelona), a host of opportunities is opening to register the name that interests you.

    The new extensions are being launched gradually. Some are already available for free registration, while others are in either of these two phases: Free Request and Open Registration.

  • What does the Free Request status mean?

    The request is completely free and with no obligation at all. Once prices and registration conditions of each domain are known, we'll contact you and ask you if you're still interested in registering the domain.

  • Does the request guarantee me the registration of the domain?

    Unfortunately, registration cannot be guaranteed at this phase. The same domain can be requested with different domain providers. Arsys will launch the domain reservations of all its clients on the day the registration phase opens. We've got vast experience in the launch of new domain extensions (.eu, .cat, .tel...), and we've always attained a high percentage of registrations compared with the number of requests received.

  • What does the Open Registration status mean?

    Before open registration begins (when anybody can register new domains), there are different phases: Sunrise, Landrush and Open Reservation. You can now register for this last phase with Arsys and benefit from working with an experienced registrar.Once Arsys and other providers have sent them, the final registration of new domains will be completed in order. First come, first served. Once you have reserved your domains, Arsys will take responsibility for automatically launching the request so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • I've made the reservation, but can I lose the registration?

    At Arsys we have more than 16 years' experience in the launch of new domains. There is a possibility of not obtaining all the registrations. If we don't obtain your domain, we'll refund you the reservation amount.

  • How is a new registration billed?

    You choose the form of payment which best adapts to your needs: bank transfer (which means we will also require an account number to which we will automatically charge any future renewal invoices) or credit card (which will also be used for renewals). Remember that you can change from one form of payment to another in your Client Area whenever you like. Domains are billed on a yearly basis.

  • How do the domain name promotions work?

    The domain promotions you can find at Arsys generally apply to the first year of the contract, giving you a special price, and in all other years the domain is renewed at the habitual price. Unless otherwise indicated, the promotions do not apply to extras or additional characteristics.

    In the case of the 3x1 domains promotion, the free domain will always be lowest priced one out of your chosen three.

    Additionally, you can get a Free Domain if you buy a Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Webmaker or Online Shop Plan. The domain extensions included in the promotion are: .com, .es, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .biz, .mobi, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .ws or .be.

    You can view the promotion conditions at https://www.arsys.net/legal.

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