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What do our customers say?
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Register multiple domain extensions with our 3 for 1 offer

We will help you with our 3 for 1 domain registration offer. It's very easy: when you register three domains you only have to pay for one.

  • Protect your brand on the Internet

    Once you have chosen the name that your project will have on the Internet, it’s very important that you register it and that you do not settle for just a domain extension.

    Tailor-made corporate services
  • Your domain with different extensions

    If you want to protect your brand and avoid identity theft or fraud, you need to register your geographic domain with different extensions.

    Check domain extensions
  • Do you have any questions?

    Our team of experts is available to advise you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can contact us by calling this free-of-charge number 941 620 100.

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What does your domain registration with Arsys include?

  • Presentation page

    You can easily set up a simple page where you can personalise your details and include a welcome message for your visitors.

  • DNS Management

    At Arsys we provide you with our own intuitive Control Panel from which you can easily manage your services, such as the DNS of your domain.

  • Domain Protection

    You will enjoy one year of data protection for free when you register a domain. This way no one will be able to use them for spamming, telemarketing and datamining.

  • Self-renewal of domain

    Have you ever lost your domain name because you forgot to renew it? At Arsys we offer you an automatic renewal system so that you don't lose your domain.


    Within our Domain Protection service you have access to this system, which allows you to sign the DNS entries of a domain to guarantee that the domain accessed by a user is the real one and has not been intervened by external agents.

Reasons to buy your domain at Arsys

  • Twenty five years registering domains

    We are domain leaders in Spain with more than 760.000 domains. Our track record allows us to carry out all kinds of special domain procedures such as domain recovery, premium domain registration, etc.

  • Free Domain

    Get your free domain name when you sign up for one of our email and website plans: Email, Professional Web or Web Hosting.

  • Free support 24/7

    We have professionals specialised in domains who will resolve problems 24/7 at no additional cost. We will listen to you and answer your questions by email, telephone and chat: change of holder, claim, renewal etc.

  • Bulk pricing

    We offer you discounted prices if you register a large volume of domains or if you are a domain reseller. Call us on 941 620 100 to find out about our reseller discounts.

Why register a domain name?

  • Safety

    Registering a domain name is a guarantee of security for any business which goes beyond the advantages of visibility on Internet search engines. Assuring your users that they are on your official website. In addition, if you use an SSL certificate, it can help to verify authenticity.

  • Professional image

    When it comes to communicating with our clients, after purchasing a domain, we can acquire one or multiple email addresses that will show the URL of our domain after the at sign (@), an advantage that extends to servers, cloud storage, API, etc.

  • Brand protection

    Another advantage of registering a domain name is security, as it protects your brand from malicious online phishing attempts which create websites that look similar to yours (phishing) with similar domain names.

  • Visibility

    By purchasing a domain, users can clearly and unambiguously identify us when searching for services and products. Semantic identification allows us to be easily found among the many domains that exist for the same activity.

  • Digitalisation

    Buying a domain is the first step in the digitalisation of your company, along with having a professional email address and a corporate website. You can also link your new domain to an existing domain with a web redirect (visible) or with Frame active (not visible) using our domain redirect.

How to choose the perfect domain name?

  • Simplicity

    When buying a domain name, choose a simple name so that customers can remember your brand name and find your website easily.

  • Keyword

    Don't forget to include your keyword when registering a domain​. This way, when your website appears in the search results of the most popular search engines, the name you have selected will be highlighted.

  • Domain availability

    When searching for free domains, you can find out if a name is available by using our search engine, we will indicate its availability. You can also use our Whois tool to check domain details.

  • Different extensions

    If the domain name you are looking for is already registered, you can use a new extension that is available. For example, if you want to register a domain with the name tiendazapatos.com you can opt for zapatos.tienda and check if it is free.

  • Shorter name

    When you buy it, check that it has a short domain name that only contains the words you want. You can also choose to use synonyms or alter the word order.

  • Make it easy

    It avoids complications for the user. Using special characters and/or accentuation is not forbidden, but it can make it difficult for users to remember or they may confuse it with a similar one. Keep this in mind when buying your domain.

¿Qué piensan nuestros clientes?

What do our customers think?

Que pensent nos clients?

O que pensam os nossos clientes?

ExcellentExcellentExcelenteExcelente 4.3
  • Realmente un servicio y soporte…Realmente un servicio y soporte EXCELENTE.Edelweiss Kaswalder31/01/2024
  • El soporte se portan genialEl soporte se portan genial, son unos profesionales aparte de gente amable y que te ayuda. Todas las veces que he llamado me han ayudado mucho y me han tratado muy bien, con paciencia, amabilidad y utilidad.Navex Consulting23/09/2023
  • El soporte técnico es excepcionalEl soporte técnico es excepcionalJosé Luis18/07/2023
  • Tengo alojada la web del estudio de mi…Tengo alojada la web del estudio de mi mujer en WordPress. También el correo desde hace años.Alberto25/04/2023
  • Dos dominios diferentes ya con Arsys y…Dos dominios diferentes ya con Arsys y mi opinión sigue siendo la misma. Un equipo muy profesional y que da un servicio fantástico. Soporte 24h y siempre muy amables.Pablo Alonso20/04/2023
  • Fácil registro de dominios y Atención al cliente de 10Llevo más de dos años registrando dominios y utilizando los productos de Arsys para mis clientes sin ningún problema. Y siempre que tengo que resolver alguna duda su servicio de atención al cliente me ayuda de forma rápida y sencilla.Julia MG28/03/2023
  • Gran atención al clienteGran atención al cliente y un portfolio de productos my amplio que cubre todas mis necesidades.Miguel Ángel Alonso López24/03/2023
  • Muy buen servicio y soporteTuve que contactar a soporte para una consulta y me la resolvieron muy bien y rápido.igferne24/03/2023
  • Excelente soporteExcelente soporte. Siempre responder rápido y eficiente.Carlos Ferreira -ASTIM-09/02/2023
  • soporte tecnico y calidad de servicioHace poco que estamos trabajando con Arsys, +- 1,5 años y puedo decir que nunca tuvimos problema en relación de soporte técnico y con los servidores. Espero que sigáis mejorando y podamos seguir trabajando con vosotros por mucho tiempo.AraoRafael silva06/10/2022
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Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about domains

Should you need additional information, there are hundreds of answers for you in our support centre.

  • What is a domain?

    A domain is a name on the Internet which is easy to remember and which allows us, among other things, to visit web pages and send e-mails. It is generally composed of two words separated by a full stop. The initial word identifies the name and the final word (the ‘extension’) identifies the type. Originally, at the beginnings of the Internet and up until the 80s, devices connected to the Internet were identified using an IP address. Thanks to the Domain Name System (DNS), IP addresses are replaced with domain names, which are easier to remember. => Arsys

  • How do I register a domain name and what does it consist of?

    Registering a domain means reserving the right to use a name on the Internet for a certain period of time. For the majority of extensions, the first person to request a domain name has the right to register it and requests are processed in chronological order, on a first come, first served basis.

  • What is the difference between registration, renewal and transfer of a domain?

    All domains have a life cycle that is stipulated by each entity responsible for the extension. Registration corresponds to the process of registering or purchasing a domain name. In order for it to remain active and in the possession of the same holder, it must be renewed annually. If this is not done, it will become available again and anyone could register it. Hence the importance of an automatic renewal system, as Arsys has. That is why the price of registration and renewal is different, either because of a promotion or because of the Registry's policy. Similarly, the transfer price of a domain may be different. In this case it is a matter of changing the company with which you are managing the domain.

  • Why is domain renewal done annually?

    Domains have a recurring payment. That is to say, if you don’t pay, the domain will expire and cease to be your own. It is necessary to renew as the owner of the domain year after year. If a domain is not renewed, it automatically becomes available and can be re-registered by anyone. So that this does not happen, a domain can be registered for several years if it is certain that the project will last that long.

  • What types of domains are there?

    There are two large groups or categories of domain names:

    • Generic domains or gTLDs are domain names which do not correspond to geographic criteria. They are managed by ICANN, the world authority in matters of domains, in conjunction with the bodies responsible for the maintenance of each type of domain (Verisign, PIR, Afilias, Neulevel, etc.). In the last few years, hundreds of new types of extensions have been launched with all kinds of categories, from geographical (.london, .paris), to business (.company) and entertainment (.dance).
    • Territorial domains or ccTLDs are domains associated with a geographical location. Spain (.es) or France (.fr), for example. There are 252 territorial domains and they are formed of two letters which identify each country according to the ISP 3166 codes. They are managed by national bodies and in accordance with the registry regulations of each specific country.

    Domain names are composed of several parts separated by dots and hierarchised from right to left. In the case of the Arsys.es domain it would be:

    Third part Second part First part
    www. arsys .es
    Word Wide Web initials that identify access to a website Name, brand or identification of the project Sector of activity (.com, .org., .net...) or location (.es, .eu, .pt...)
  • Which organisations are involved in the domain world?

    • ICANN: US non-profit organisation responsible for the technical management of the Domain Name System and root servers. Its main function is to determine which extensions are used on the Internet, both for generic domains and for ccTLDs.
    • Domain owner: organisation or natural person who registers the domain name for one calendar year, renewable annually.
    • Administrative contact: person in charge of maintaining the domain data.
    • Technical contact: person in charge of technical issues related to the servers.
    • Registry: public or private entity, authorised by ICANN, which manages and maintains the database corresponding to each Top Level Domain name (Verisign, PIR, Afilias, Neulevel, etc.).
    • Registrar-Provider (Registry): registrar, accredited by ICANN to register domain names, with which Arsys maintains a commercial relationship for the provision of domain services (Red.es, AFNIC, etc.).
    • Registrar (Registrar): a national or international, public or private, authority or registration authority or organisation authorised by ICANN to manage domain names and to publish, through Whois, the requested information on the registrant, contacts and DNS of the domains it manages. For example: Arsys.
  • How do I know if a domain is free or registered?

    All you need to do is type your domain name in the search engine of our website. You will immediately be presented with a list of domains that are free and available for registration and those that are taken. In addition, WHOIS, a publicly accessible database on the Internet, provides you with information on the ownership, contact details and availability of a domain name or IP address.

  • Can I change a domain name for a different one?

    You can register as many domains as you want to name your project on the Internet. But once a domain name is registered, it cannot be changed. You can cancel the registration but you cannot exchange it for another or be reimbursed for any amount paid for said registration.

  • Can I modify the domain's details once it has been registered?

    Yes. You can modify the details of your domains quickly and easily from your Client Area.

  • How do the new domain extensions (such as .barcelona) work?

    The new extensions are being launched gradually. Some are already available for free registration, while others are in either of the following two phases:

    • Free Application. The request is completely free and does not commit you to anything. Once prices and registration conditions of each domain are known, we will contact you and ask you if you're still interested in registering the domain. Unfortunately, at this stage, domain registration cannot be guaranteed. The same domain can be requested with different domain providers. Arsys will launch the domain reservations of all its clients on the day the registration phase opens. We have extensive experience in launching new domain extensions (.eu, .cat, .tel, etc.), and we have always achieved a high percentage of registrations compared to the number of purchase requests received.
    • Free Reservation. Before open registration begins (when anybody can register new domains), there are different phases: Sunrise, Landrush and Open Reservation. You can now register for this last phase with Arsys and benefit from working with an experienced registrar. Once Arsys and other providers have sent them, the final registration of new domains will be completed in order. First come, first served. Once you make the reservation of your domains, Arsys will launch the request automatically so that you don't have to worry about anything. At Arsys we have more than 16 years' experience in the launch of new domains. There is a possibility of not obtaining all the registrations. If we don't obtain your domain, we will refund you the reservation amount.

    For these new extensions, you choose the payment method that best suits your needs: bank transfer (we will also ask for an account number for future renewal invoices) or credit card (which will also be used for the renewal). Remember that you can change from one method to another in your Client Area at any time. Domains are billed on a yearly basis.

  • How is a new registration invoiced?

    You choose the form of payment which best suits your needs: bank transfer (we will also ask for an account number for future renewal invoices) or credit card (which will also be used for renewals). Remember that you can change from one method to another in your Client Area at any time. Domains are billed on a yearly basis.

  • How do domain offers work?

    The domain promotions you can find at Arsys generally apply to the first year of the contract, when you enjoy a discounted price, for all other years the domain is renewed at the habitual price. Unless otherwise indicated, promotions do not apply to extras or additional characteristics.

    In the case of the 3 for 1 domain promotion, you will not be charged for the two domains with the lowest price of the three you have chosen.

    Additionally, you can get a free domain if you buy a Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Webmaker or Online Shop Plan. The domain extensions included in the promotion are: .com, .es, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .biz, .mobi, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .ws, .be, .online or .store.

    You can consult the conditions of the promotion at /legal as well as take advantage of the Hosting offers to create your website.

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