Arsys is a European provider of Internet Presence, Managed Hosting, Cloud Computing and ICT Infrastructure Solutions and is one of the leading technology and innovation companies in Europe.

The company leads the Spanish market with more than 1.6 million active services, more than 290,000 clients and a staff of more than 300 employees. It is also a pioneer in the development of the first European Cloud Hosting platform.

Since August 2013, Arsys has been a part of the United Internet, the largest European company in the sector.


Arsys offers over a hundred different technology solutions, which guarantees that any company or professional will have the service they need to develop their projects, without having to pay the costs of having their own Data Center.

Regardless of size, technical requirements or Internet experience, at Arsys, any company or professional can find the solution they need to turn their projects into reality: from the simplest web presence solution to the most complex Cloud Hosting services.


Arsys offers a platform that enables you to install and manage all the resources necessary to build virtual CPDs from a single control panel in a matter of minutes.

A scalable solution that allows you to add, delete, configure, manage or clone servers according to your needs.


Dedicated For those companies that want to host their infrastructure in an entire exclusive server with the best technology.

Virtual with high performance. With a control panel that monitors resources and tasks and sends automatic alerts.


Arsys is accredited by the main international domain registration bodies.

Arsys has automated systems that guarantee the immediate registry of domain names with the most popular extensions in real time.

Create Website

Creating a website or an online shop is very simple with Arsys'all-in-one solutions.

Thanks to these platforms, any company can create a website or an eCommerce site with no need for technical knowledge.

Web Hosting

Arsys uses different web hosting plans that include free applications and services to make the most out of your online project.

Arsys uses different web hosting plans that include free applications and services to make the most out of your online project.


Personalise your email account with your domain name to give a more professional image with the Exchange or Email Plan.

Also find SEO or Web SMS.


  • Proximity

    We empathise with our clients and their projects: the usability of the tools, trustworthiness of the service and the security of data. We also have the best customer service.

  • Confianza

    Vast experience in the sector: our solid yet transparent journey started in 1996. We tailored service for each client: we always contribute the best solution.

  • Technological Innovation

    Arsys is a company that puts the best available technology at the clients' service. We are continually researching stand-out technological innovations.