Geographical presence Domains

Register your trademark with domains from the main countries on an international scale
Geographical presence domains International registration
  • Register your domain in the extension of any country
  • Benefit from more competitive prices when registering geographic zones
  • No need to worry about domain management anymore
  • On a global scale: Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Oceania...
  • Prepare your company for future expansion into other international markets
  • Expert advice on the registration specificities in each country

Geographic market presence and protection

With this domain service you will be able to get the geographical zone domains you are interested in (Europe, Asia and America, Africa, Oceania...), without having to register the extensions of each country one by one.

In a globalised world, trademarks are reaching more and more countries. The first step for a project is usually to start selling products or services in the country of origin and, depending on its development, it can consider opening its ecommerce to larger markets such as Europe, Latin America, Asia... The problem is, if the procedure is not done carefully, the trademark can be registered by a third party in the new country. This is why making an analysis of your project trademark’s present and future is advisable.

With this service you can register domains in any of these countries or geographical areas. Moreover, registering domain extensions for an entire continent at once will be cheaper than registering them one at a time.

However, the registration of a country’s domain extensions (Country Code Top Level Domains or ccTLD) can be very complex because each region has its own requirements. This can mean that you will need advice for these registrations. Our years of experience enable us to know all the regulations to facilitate the procedure.

When would you need this service? This service is perfect for projects that expand, opening to new markets or plan to do so in the future. The main advantages are:

  • Simplicity. Each extension has its own requirements, so trying to register each territorial extension on your own could be very difficult and time-consuming. We can also provide you with a group of experts who will advise you on the best domain strategy to follow according to the specifications of your project.
  • Save costs. We offer you a cheaper price for registering a group of extensions than one by one. You will also benefit from a full management service of your domain portfolio.

Here is a typical case of basic geographical presence. Depending on your project, we can provide a customised study of which countries would be most interesting for you. If you are interested in any specific extension, we can also take care of everything for you.

Europe Asia Latin America
Country examples: Austria (.at), Spain (.es), Europe (.eu), Portugal (.pt), France (.fr), Belgium (.be), Germany (.de), Italy (.it), the Netherlands (.nl), the United Kingdom (, .uk), Poland (.pl), Romania (.ro), Sweden (.se), Switzerland (.ch) Saudi Arabia (.sa), Asia (.asia), China (.cn,, the United Arab Emirates (.ae) India (.in), Israel (, Japan (.jp), Hong Kong (.hk), Singapore (.sg), Taiwan (.tw), Turkey (, Qatar (.qa) Argentina (, Brazil (, Chile (.cl), Colombia (, .co), Ecuador (, .ec), Guatemala (, Mexico (, .mx), Panama (, Peru (.pe), Dominican Republic (.do)
Individual registration €860/first year €1,110/first year €980/first year
Group registration €740/first year €945/first year €840/first year

Benefits. It is a defence mechanism for your trademark because it prevents anyone from registering your domain. It also protects you against cybersquatting.

Full protection

In this service, we take care of the managing of registration and renewal of all the extensions you need for your project. You can also ask us to lock some domains that you do not want a third party to register and register the domains you are interested in. In other words, it is a global service for managing the trademark image of your domains.

When would you need this service? Whether you already have a registered domain or you are just starting your project, it is interesting to monitor your trademark’s image: registering all the extensions you are interested in or preventing others from doing so.

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Why is it important to also register and protect your trademark on the Internet?

In an increasingly saturated and competitive market, it is important to stand out, consolidate the business and have a serious trademark. All of this cannot be ensured if the trademark is not adequately protected.

Regardless of your type of business, taking care of your image is the key to success:

  • Registering your trademark prevents others from using it and damaging your image. The more extensions you have, the more likely you are to avoid it.
  • Your customers will quickly recognise you in the market, making you stand out from competitors, having a more professional image and inspiring more confidence.
  • Save yourself from problems and large costs by preventing possible damage to your trademark image, registering your name both offline and online.
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