Whois is a directory which contains technical and contact data about a domain. Some of this data is available publically and this is what is shown in the results.

Consult conditions of use


The data provided via this WHOIS data form is data obtained in real time from the databases of the corresponding Registrars and/or Registries and related to the information associated with a domain name. The data is provided to you for the sole purpose of obtaining information about the registration of a domain name and is not processed or stored beyond the time required to show the requested information. The current regulations of the international organisation ICANN cover the use of any information obtained through the WHOIS lookup system. According to said regulations, you accept and undertake to use said data only for legitimate purposes and will likewise abstain from using said data to:

(i) permit, enable or facilitate the transmission by email, telephone or fax of unsolicited mass publicity, or

(ii) enable or carry out automated, large scale, electronic processes to gather or compile said data for any purposes, which may include the obtaining of said data for personal or commercial use.

Your access to WHOIS data may be restricted and/or blocked in the event that you do not comply with that established in these conditions of use, notwithstanding the power to adopt the legal measures deemed pertinent in the event of your non-compliance with the established regulations for the WHOIS database.

What is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a protocol for running searches in a database of domain names. The information shown is public, it depends on the Registries in the case of territorial domains, and it includes: data about the registrar, technical data about the domain (registration and expiry dates, DNS information, etc.) and information about the owner and the technical and administrative contacts.

Due to the coming into force of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the public information shown has been reduced to a minimum.

How can I transfer my domain?

If the domain is registered and you are its owner, you can request its transfer to Arsys.

When you request the transfer, in order to confirm that you are truly the owner and own the rights to the domain, an email with an authorisation code (auth-code) will be sent the owner's email address and you will be asked to provide said code, except for .es domains.

Using this authorisation code will confirm the change of registrar of the domain and within a period of 5 days you will be able to manage your domain using your Arsys panel.


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