What is a domain WHOIS?

It is the data of a registered domain. The information shown is public and therefore, anyone can access it. Every time someone registers a domain, the data they provide becomes part of this public database. It depends on the NICs of each country and it includes: the data of the registrant, technical data about the domain (registration and expiration date, DNS information, etc.) and information about the owner and the technical and administrative contacts.

Consult conditions of use


The data provided via this WHOIS data form is data obtained in real time from the databases of the corresponding Registrars and/or Registries and related to the information associated with a domain name. The data is provided to you for the sole purpose of obtaining information about the registration of a domain name and is not processed or stored beyond the time required to show the requested information. The current regulations of the international organisation ICANN cover the use of any information obtained through the WHOIS lookup system. According to said regulations, you accept and undertake to use said data only for legitimate purposes and will likewise abstain from using said data to:

(i) permit, enable or facilitate the transmission by email, telephone or fax of unsolicited mass publicity, or

(ii) enable or carry out automated, large scale, electronic processes to gather or compile said data for any purposes, which may include the obtaining of said data for personal or commercial use.

Your access to WHOIS data may be restricted and/or blocked in the event that you do not comply with that established in these conditions of use, notwithstanding the power to adopt the legal measures deemed pertinent in the event of your non-compliance with the established regulations for the WHOIS database.

What information can I check in a domain WHOIS?

The registration data of a domain that you can find out using a WHOIS search is as follows:

  • Domain name
  • Registrant name
  • Administrator ID
  • Administrator data (name and email)
  • Technical contact ID
  • URL of the registrant
  • Creation and expiration date of the register
  • Data about the DNS used

Registration bodies require that the registration data of domains, and therefore that shown in the WHOIS, be real and up-to-date. Otherwise, the domain could be suspended.

What is the WHOIS of a domain for?

The WHOIS database can be very useful if you need to know whether a domain is free or whether it has already been registered by someone else. Another use of the service is the consultation of certain domain registration data. For example, with this information, you could contact the domain owner in order to try and obtain it or recover it.

This usage may be of great interest to you if someone has registered a domain name that is very similar to yours and is causing traffic to be diverted to the website of the competition. Also, if you lost your domain and are interested in recovering it, consulting the WHOIS would be very useful for protecting the brand of your project.


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