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VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Servers: technology without complications

Easy to use, fast deployment, no hidden costs and 24/7 support in Spanish.
¿Qué dicen nuestros clientes?
What do our customers say?
Que disent nos clients?
O que dizem os nossos clientes?
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Advantages of Arsys servers

  • Simplicity

    With an intuitive control panel for easy deployment and management of your server infrastructure.

  • Performance

    The latest technology, SSD, NVMe, Intel Skylake and VMware storage in our TIER III certified data centres.

  • Flexibility

    Select the resources you need for your server and scale to suit your workloads at any time.

  • No hidden costs

    We provide you with a transparent pricing model, so you always know what you will pay. We also provide free data transfer on VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Servers.

  • Free support in Spanish

    Any time of day, any day of the week. Our experts are constantly working to provide you with the best quality answers for the success of your project.

  • Cloud Partner

    Enjoy significant benefits for being our Partner: discounts of up to 30% and up to €4,400 in credit to develop your projects.

Everything you need to deploy your cloud platform

VPS Servers

Your virtual private server with maximum performance for all your projects.

30 days Free after from 10€/month
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Cloud Servers

Your server in the Cloud, with maximum flexibility and scalability. With free and unlimited data transfer.

30 days Free after from 8,5€/month
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Dedicated Servers

You will have a dedicated server on demand with the most advanced hardware on a pay-per-use basis.

30 days Free after from 50€/month
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S3 Cloud Storage

Data Centre Designer provides you with scalable S3-compatible object storage.

from 0,015 €/GB
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Managed service to deploy your containers with Kubernetes from Data Centre Designer.

from 32,44
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Dedicated CPU

Cloud servers in the Data Centre Designer panel with dedicated CPUs for high performance applications.

from 32,44
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Reasons why thousands of customers choose us

We are pioneers in Cloud Computing and we work every day to offer you the most advanced technology and to simplify the management of your infrastructure

  • 30 seconds

    Discover how easy it is to deploy and manage your infrastructure with our intuitive control panel. View demo

  • 99.98% availability

    You will have the latest generation technology available to guarantee the performance and availability of your services.

  • Free Data Tansfer

    We are fully transparent: you only pay for the resources purchased. This way you avoid surprises on your bill.

  • Unlimited changes

    We offer you flexible and scalable servers that adapt immediately to your workload.

  • 11 locations

    Your servers are stored in our Tier III certified data centres in Spain and Europe.

  • In less than 1 minute

    We are committed to answering your queries over the phone in less than 1 minute. In fact, 9 out of 10 customers are so satisfied with our service that they would recommend our technical support.

At EscuelaIT we use Arsys and we recommend it to our students, particularly its cloud services: that are very complete and above all easy to use.
Miguel Ángel Álvarez

Escuela IT Founder

What do you need to get started at Arsys?

In 3 easy steps you can deploy your platform. It's as easy as that:
  • 1 Discover the service that best suits your needs with our Server Virtual Assistant.
  • 2 Create your account and access the control panel to enjoy all resources for 1 month for free. Start now!
  • 3 Now you can start deploying your infrastructure. Discover our control panel.
We accompany you throughout the process

Professional support 24 hours a day. We also have all the necessary documentation at your disposal.

Start now for free

Arsys Data Centres around the world

Where do you want to host your server?

Every project has a need and complying with the data protection regulations of each country is an obligation. At Arsys you can decide which data centre you want to host your project in: Spain, Germany, United Kingdom and United States. All our data centres are equipped with the most rigorous security measures and hold important security certifications. Because, for us, what matters is your project.

  • Las Vegas (USA)
  • London (UK)
  • Karlsruhe (Germany)
  • Logroño (Spain)
  • Frankfurt (Germany)
  • Kansas City (USA)
  • Madrid (Spain)
  • Berlin (Germany)
  • Miami (USA)
  • Niederlauterbach (France)
  • Linz (Austria)
  • Gloucester (UK)
  • Baden-Baden (Germany)
  • Piaseczno (Poland)
Arsys Data Centres

Future and Sustainability

Our commitment to the environment starts in our data centres. We work every day to improve our sustainability indicators. Thanks to this we have received ISO 50001 certification due to our energy efficiency and minimisation of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, our energy supply comes from 100% renewable sources and agreements with companies for the reuse or destruction in recycling centres of all the waste generated by our activity.

¿Qué piensan nuestros clientes?
What do our customers think?
Que pensent nos clients?
O que pensam os nossos clientes?
GreatBienBomMuy Bueno
4 / 5 at Trustpilot sur Trustpilot em Trustpilot en Trustpilot
  • Impresionante...Impresionante.... la verdad es que me he quedado impresionado. Me parece que como toma de contacto es muy útil, siempre y cuando necesites información de primera mano y de forma inicial, para luego profundizar por tu cuenta. Enhorabuena¡¡¡¡Antonio Casal Rodriguez16/05/2024
  • Excelente atención al clienteExcelente atención al clienteCNBC13/05/2024
  • excelente servicio.excelente servicio.Neo06/05/2024
  • ProfesionalInformación correcta y muy amableGuillermo06/05/2024
  • Una empresa seria y que hace las cosas…Una empresa seria y que hace las cosas bienMGF03/04/2024
  • Soporte técnico de ArsysCuando tengo un problema o una duda me lo resuelven rapidamente. ¿Que más se puede pedir?jose puchol saura23/03/2024
  • Muy buena atención al cliente y muy…Muy buena atención al cliente y muy buen servicio técnicoJAVIER08/03/2024
  • Excelente atención del comercial, buen acompañamientoPor el momento, he contratado una veintena de dominios .com con ellos (algunos han sido transferencias). Debo decir que el proceso ha sido ágil en gran medida gracias a la labor de la comercial que me ha atendido, la Srta. Yolanda Martínez, una excelente profesional. Además a buen coste, muy competitivo. Por otro lado, he probado la plataforma online de mi Área de Cliente para gestionar esos dominios y me ha sorprendido lo intuitiva que es, después de haber probado unas cuantas a lo largo de mi carrera. En un futuro es probable que me anime también a contratar algún plan de alojamiento, dado que me he sentido bien orientado y acompañado en todo momento por la citada comercial. Para mí esto siempre es un gran valor añadido. Daniel Alcalá06/03/2024
  • funciona muy bien si acaso un poco mas…funciona muy bien si acaso un poco mas completa la web seria genial cambiar mas cosas en ella y variar colores18/02/2024
  • Realmente un servicio y soporte…Realmente un servicio y soporte EXCELENTE.Edelweiss Kaswalder31/01/2024
  • El soporte se portan genialEl soporte se portan genial, son unos profesionales aparte de gente amable y que te ayuda. Todas las veces que he llamado me han ayudado mucho y me han tratado muy bien, con paciencia, amabilidad y utilidad.Navex Consulting23/09/2023
  • Eficaz y resolutivaExcelente respuesta. Muy eficaz y resolutiva. Rápida.William Valera22/09/2023
  • buena atencion y se soluciono el…buena atencion y se soluciono el problemaAntonio20/09/2023
  • Verdaderos expertosVerdaderos expertos. El mejor soporteSusana08/09/2023
  • Me lo han hecho fácil y cómodoMe lo han hecho fácil y cómodo. Y ha funcionadoJulio Tecles08/08/2023
  • Excelente servicioExcelente servicio! la atención al cliente insuperables me ayudan a solucionar los problemas de mi web y ademas me dan datos para optimizar mi trabajo, unicos ! Muy feliz de seguir con arsysMegatwit03/08/2023
  • El soporte técnico es excepcionalEl soporte técnico es excepcionalJosé Luis18/07/2023
  • PerfectoPerfecto, aclarada mi dudaAlex Caravaca17/07/2023
  • Siempre atienden muy rápido y son de…Siempre atienden muy rápido y son de gran ayuda.Bernardo Posada11/07/2023
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  • Continuous training We work hard to keep our agents informed of the latest technology to provide you with the highest quality in our responses.
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Frequently Asked Questions about Servers

  • What is a server?

    A server is a very powerful computer or computer partition that is responsible for storing files and distributing them on the Internet so that they are accessible to users. They are fully active in order to ensure resources are available to the user through a network.

  • Which server should I choose?

    Among our content on which server to choose, you will discover in detail the types of servers that we offer at Arsys and which one best suits your needs. If after watching this video, you are still unsure about which server model is best for you, we recommend you use our virtual server assistant.

  • Server or shared hosting?

    The following are some situations in which it may be preferable to work on your own server, rather than with shared hosting:

    • If you are using specific languages or libraries: such as back-end languages that go beyond the standard or more advanced third-party libraries and need more detailed configuration or requirements.
    • If you need to upload large files.
    • When working in the background, large jobs are usually sent to a queue that executes them in due time.
    • When a specific work flow is made for a project.
    • For pipeline installation.
    • When domains require many resources to ensure optimal project speed.
  • Can I change server if my needs change?

    Arsys servers are perfect for hosting professional websites or online shops, developing new applications, databases... You just have to choose the server that best suits your online project. In addition, in case you need more resources, you can always scale the servers by paying only for the resources used. You will also be able to switch to a higher performing server at any time.

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