Professional Services | Consulting

Each project is unique and we provide
a tailor-made consulting service

Why your project needs a consulting service

  • Consulting is an independent advisory service performed by dedicated specialists. In fact, it is based on a deep knowledge and experience of technologies and tools, from the most consolidated to the incipient ones. Its aim is to provide one or more solutions to a problem or challenge.

    An important reason to having a consulting service is that new technologies are advancing at a dizzying rate. This makes it difficult to keep up to date and have sufficient knowledge of each solution, platform or tool.

  • That's why companies usually decide to dedicate their IT teams’ time to solving the operational load of the business and hire qualified professionals for consulting services. These architecture design experts will provide a professional vision in order to build effective and efficient platforms. It is also important to understand the full range of ways in which an infrastructure can be made to work or migrate to the cloud. This is the only way to make the right decision and take full advantage of the selected solution.

    Finally, having a specialist team that helps more than 200,000 customers in their day-to-day work is reason for peace of mind when it comes to resolving an incident or identifying an error along with its possible solutions.

How our consulting service works

  • We are well aware that each project is different and requires a different approach. Therefore, we always offer you a tailor-made consulting service. As part of this service, we put all our experience into building complex solutions for our customers, both for our traditional business and for our Enterprise customers.

    • The first step is fundamental: understanding your challenge and the different requirements and preferences of your project. The more comprehensive our understanding, the more appropriate our proposed solutions will be,
    • Based on the data obtained, we will design one or more proposals to cover your needs. Then, we will present them to you in depth, emphasising the pros and cons of each one of them so that, with all the relevant information clearly stated, you can choose the one that better suits your project.
    • Finally, once you have selected your solution, you can choose our implementation and/or migration services. Our professionals will be able to download these tasks or assemble them (turnkey) following the best practices of the different applications to be installed. You would only have to check that everything was working properly and wait for the final migration.

    Having the knowledge of a team that designs and operates public productive platforms and manages more than 100,000 virtual servers and as many dedicated ones, all under complex connectivity and security solutions and following the most advanced standards, becomes an important part for the successful achievement of any IT challenge.