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Plan Redirigido Domain Forwarding Plan Reencaminhamento Plan Redirigé 2,50€ /mes /month /mês /mois 1€ /mes el primer año /month first year /mês primeiro ano /mois la première année 3€ /mes /month /mês /mois
  • Domain Forwarding
  • 20 email forwarding accounts
  • Anti-spam Filter
  • Active Frame
  • Meta Tags
  • Courtesy page

What is domain forwarding?

With forwarding, when a user types an address into the browser it will immediately take them to a domain that has associated a web hosting service. Therefore, this may be interesting for you if:

You have several domains but only one hosts the web

Having different domain names and different extensions is a strategy to protect your brand. Also you can avoid potential customers to type the wrong domain name or extension. Normally, even if you have several domains, only one hosts the content of your project. With the redirection you will get all your domains to point to the main one, this way your clients will always get to your website.

You have a website made with a free provider and you want your domain to point to that site

It is a way to bring professionalism to your online project, since you will be able to advertise your project under your own domain name. Also, if you use the active frame, which includes our redirection service, your visitor will not even see the URL of the free provider, only your domain name.

Domain forwarding advantages

  • Money Back Guarantee

    Try our Forwarding Plan for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, we will automatically return your money.

  • Change plans whenever you want

    If in the future you decide to make a website, you can change to a hosting plan, hosting WordPress or webmaker at any time and keep your mailboxes.

  • No obligation to stay

    With our monthly plans you can cancel your service at any time.

What does Arsys’ Forwarding Plan include?

  • Domain name forwarding

    You can configure your domain so that when someone visits it, they're automatically forwarded to the domain or URL you select.

  • Spam filter

    Your email accounts have a powerful anti-spam filter that will block the entry of black-listed spam.

  • Search Engine meta tags

    Define your website's meta tags. Search engines will use this information to rank your website.

  • Complete DNS entry management

    From a simple control panel you can quickly and conveniently manage your domain's DNS entries.

  • Active Frame

    This service keeps your domain name in the browser. What's more, you can include metatags for SEO.

  • Courtesy page

    If you don't have a web hosting or domain forwarding service, here you can configure a courtesy page: to modify texts, add links...

  • Favicon

    You will be able to customise the icon that appears in the browser tab with one of your choice. Your project will thereby have a professional image.

  • Advanced Filter

    Your email will be free from viruses, spam and phishing. This powerful (optional) filter will take care of deleting or categorising the messages that it considers risky.

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Frequently asked questions about Forwarding Plan

  • Why is a Forwarding Plan useful?

    A Forwarding Plan is especially useful when you have bought various domains for the same website. It is fairly normal to wish to protect your brand and to have the same name with various extensions (.com, .es, .shop). In these cases, it is very normal to have a single page on the main domain and to forward the other domain to the main one.

    Another option is to forward our domain to a website that is hosted on a free space provided to you, for example, by your ADSL provider.

  • What is the Active Frame and what is it used for?

    The Active Frame is a configurable feature of our Forwarding Plan that allows the domain name in the browser's address bar to remain unchanged when it is visited:

    Your domain (e.g. www.yourdomain.com) will always be visible in the address bar (instead of the path of the destination website), thus promoting your domain name, which is the main idea of registering a domain.

  • Can I have various domains pointing at the same pages?

    Of course you can. Furthermore, it is very common for a business to want to register various domains to avoid others being able to use their name and take advantage of their image. In this case, it is more economic and easier to have a single web hosting plan in which the pages are the target of all the domains.

    This exact operation can be done with our Forwarding Plan.

  • How is my Forwarding Plan billed?

    You choose the form of payment which best adapts to your needs: Direct Debit (so that the invoices are automatically charged to your bank account) or credit card. Remember that you can change from one form of payment to another in your Client Area whenever you like.

  • Is there a fixed-term contract period?

    There is no fixed-term contract period. You can cancel your Forwarding Plan from your Client Area whenever you like.

  • What is the billing period for my Forwarding Plan?

    You can contract your Forwarding Plan with monthly or annual payment from the Arsys website. You can change the billing period from your Client Area whenever you like.

  • How does the 30-day guarantee period work?

    If you have tried your Forwarding Plan and it didn't meet your expectations, you can cancel in the next 30 days from your purchase and we will return your money. No obligation to stay, no questions asked.

  • If I am not interested in continuing the service, how do I cancel my Forwarding Plan?

    You can cancel whenever you want from your Client Area. Or, if you prefer, you can contact us at any time of day in order to process your request.

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