• Arsys Mail

    3,5 1 €/month first year
    BUY IT
    • 6 GB per mailbox
    • FREE domain
    • POP/IMAP and Arsys Webmail (demo)
  • Exchange Online

    30 days free
    29,90 after   3 €/month first year
    BUY IT
    • 15 GB per mailbox
    • FREE domain
    • Outlook Web Access
    • Antivirus included
    • Antispam filter
  • Recomended

    Office 365 Premium

    30 days free
    29,90 after 12 €/month first year
    Complete your email with the best solution
    • 50 GB per mailbox
    • FREE domain
    • Outlook
    • Antivirus included
    • Antispam filter
    • Microsoft Office desktop version: 15 devices per user: Word, Outlook, Excel, Power Point, OneNote, Publisher, Access
    • Skype
    • OneDrive 1TB

What does Arsys’ Mail include?

Domain included

For a year, you can enjoy a domain for your mail completely free (com, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .biz, .mobi, .com, .org. es, .ws or .be.). If you wish, you can also link other available payment domains to it (.blog, .tienda, .eus, .cat.)


In our “pay as you go” mail accounts and mailboxes only for those users who really need it to minimise investment.

No obligation to stay

With our monthly plans, you can cancel your service at any time.

Secure mail

Our mailing plans include security measures such as the anti-spam barrier (which prevents incoming mail from servers in international blacklists), authenticated mailing (for others to send emails on your behalf) and SSL / TLS secure access and sending.


Mailboxes, Cloud Storage, Microsoft Office programs and Skype


Brand protection

You will have an email with the name of your domain (e.g. juan@midominio.es).


You will access your email, calendar and contacts regardless of the device you use.

Always updated

Be where you are with your updated email, contacts and calendar.

1 TB of Storage in OneDrive with Office 365

Share online

Try our Email Plan for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, we will automatically return your money.

Synchronise your files

Installing the OneDrive application on all your devices

Work as a team

With innovative security systems and the guarantee of being in the Arsys Data Center in Spain.

All Microsoft Office programs with Office 365

From any device, anywhere

You can access Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Access or Sway from any of your devices and whenever you need to.

Up to 15 installations available

You can have up to 15 installations of all Office applications in 5 pcs / MACs, 5 smartphones and 5 tablets.

Automatic updates

You will always have the latest version of Office automatically and with no additional charge.

Skype for Business with Office 365 Premium

Chat, voice calls and video calls

You can connect with your contacts from anywhere in the world.

Up to 250 participants

From any device and with high definition quality.

Much more than calls

Not only will you be able to contact them, but also schedule and convene online meetings, screen sharing or any application, private chatting, surveys or taking notes in real time.


  • Contact us however you would like

    You can contact us in the way which best adapts to your needs: telephone, chat, the Client Area, email or Twitter.

  • We help you with your Email

    More than 300 people, passionate about technology and trained continuously, dedicated exclusively to solving your problems and answering your queries.

  • Data Centers in Spain

    Ensure compliance with Spanish regulations concerning the protection of data of a personal nature and the measures required by the PDPL. Here at Arsys we guarantee that your data will never leave Spain.


  • ISO

    ISO 27001 / 9001 Certification


    Brand Certification

  • IBM

  • Microsoft

  • Odin


If you need additional information, there are hundreds of answers for you in our help centre.


After purchasing Office 365, how can I set up my account and install Office?

From the Arsys control panel you have information on how to configure your mailbox with different mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird ...) and you can send that information by email.

About the requirements and installation of the Office suite, you can consult the help of Microsoft to Download and install Office 365.

How do I view my invoice and current Office 365 subscription?

You can check all the billing information about your Office 365 service in your Arsys Client Area.

How do I add additional licenses to my existing subscription for new users?

To add new subscriptions to your Office 365 service, go to your Client Area, select the Office 365 product, and from the Administrative Management, you can see the subscriptions of each type you have available and add new subscriptions for that Office 365 service You can purchase new subscriptions from Exchange Online, Office 365 Essentials, and Office 365 Premium.

How to change to a different plan or subscription?

You can change the subscription type for any user created at any time from the Office 365 Control Panel. From the "Office 365 Accounts" module, choose the user you want to modify and click on the "Modify account" icon. From here you can modify the name and surname of the contact associated with the user / email as well as the type of account for that user (Exchange Online, O365 Essentials, O365 Premium). You must have available and without using any license of the type of account that you want to migrate to make the change.

During the change, the user will not lose any mail, but depends on the type of account to migrate, the available features will vary.

How to cancel, renew or reactivate an existing subscription?

To cancel a subscription of any type of Office 365, you must do it from the Administrative Management of the product. Make sure there are no active users using that subscription, otherwise you will not be able to unsubscribe.

The different plans of Office 365 have the same periodicity and are renewed by default according to the periodicity that you have chosen and that you can change from your Client Area.

If you have deleted a user, you can manually reactivate it, provided that no more than 30 days have passed. You must request it from the contact section of your Client Area.

After the 30 day free trial period, does Office 365 keep my information?

Don't worry. After the free 30 days, all your information and account configurations will remain in place for another 30 days. During that time you can keep your service (and be charged for it from that point forward) or cancel it. Once the account information has been deleted after the 30 additional days, it cannot be recovered.

Other questions

What is the difference between Office 365 and Office subscription plans as a single purchase?

Webmail is a way to access your mail from a web browser by user and password, without the need for any additional configuration. If you hire a Arsys Mail, you can access your webmail from https://serviciodecorreo.es; However, if you hired any plans Exchange mail containing the URL to access your mail will be: https://outlook.office365.com

How to configure your Outlook to use your new Exchange mail account?

With Office 365 subscription plans, you get the full version of Office applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access (Publisher and Access are only available for PC). You can install Office 365 on multiple devices, including 5 PC and Mac computers, 5 phones and 5 Android ™, iPad®, and iPhone® tablets. In addition, with Office 365, you'll get services like online storage with OneDrive and Skype minutes for home use. If you have an Office 365 subscription enabled, you will always have the most up-to-date version of Office applications.

Office as a single purchase includes applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint for use on a single PC or Mac. Applications are not automatically updated: to get the latest version, you must purchase Office again when the new version is available. In addition, Office as a single purchase does not include any of the services included with Office 365.

Will I have control of my documents with an Office 365 subscription? What will happen when I cancel my subscription?

Yes. The documents you create are solely your property. You can save them online in OneDrive, or locally on your PC with Windows or Mac.

Even if the subscription is canceled or expired, you will still have access to all files and you can continue to download them by logging into OneDrive directly with the Microsoft account you used to set up Office 365. But you will lose the additional storage that comonth with the subscription, , If your OneDrive account exceeds the free storage quota, you must either save the files elsewhere or purchase more OneDrive storage.

Do I need Internet access to use Office?

Internet access is required to install and activate the most recent versions of Office suites and all subscription plans to Office 365. Internet access is also required to access documents stored in OneDrive, unless otherwise noted. install the OneDrive Desktop app. You will need to connect to the Internet periodically to keep the Office version up-to-date and take advantage of automatic updates. If you do not connect to the Internet at least every 39 days, applications will go into reduced functionality mode (meaning you can view and print your documents, but you will not be able to edit or create new ones). To reactivate Office applications, reconnect to the Internet.

You do not need to connect to the Internet to use Office applications (such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) because applications are installed on your computer.

What is OneDrive and what does it serve me?

OneDrive is an online storage service, which includes 1TB of space, and can be used to store documents, notes, photos, music, videos and other types of files. With OneDrive you can access your files from virtually any device, as well as share them with other users.

If you have the OneDrive application installed on your PC or device, it will create an ONedrive folder on the device that automatically synchronizes with the information stored in the cloud so you can work on your documents (even when offline).

What is Skype Enterprise and what does it serve me?

Skype Empresarial is an online service that will provide you monthly with:

• 60 minutes of Skype available to call colleagues, partners, friends or family to a mobile or landline, whether they have a Skype account or not. You can use them from any device where you have installed the Skype application (a mobile, a tablet, a TV or any other device)

• The ability to program unlimited virtual meetings or start anytime, with a maximum of 250 participants that can join from any smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. These meetings include audio, HD video and desktop sharing and / or applications.

Also available: