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Frequently Asked Questions on Domain Prices

For any additional information, there are hundreds of answers in our support centre.

  • How much does a web domain cost?

    The price of each web domain depends on the extension you choose for your online project. For example, generic top-level domains are often priced differently from other country code top-level domains. However, the price is also known to vary from one extension to another depending on the number of years for which you register it or the domain offers you benefit from.

  • What factors influence the price of a domain?

    Domain registration does not always have the same price. This fluctuation is due to the fact that each domain extension has a different cost. Especially if it is a top-level extension or if it is very popular.

    However, there are services closely related to domains that provide added value that can increase their price. This is the case of services such as Domain Protection (which hides your Whois data to prevent cyber-attacks) or SSL Security Certificates.

    Normally, transferring domains to Arsys costs the same as a registration. We do not charge you for paperwork or maintenance.

  • What if I manage a very large volume of domains?

    If you are a reseller and you are interested in obtaining discounts for domain volume, with our Multidomain Management service, you will be able to enjoy special domain prices for resellers and a very intuitive tool to manage domains and clients.

  • Why is the renewal price of a domain more expensive?

    Renewal prices for domain extensions are higher than registration ones because, the first year, promotional prices are offered. These special prices allow you to enjoy a domain at a lower price for the first year with all services, but after the first year, the renewal price is higher due to the cost of the services provided.

  • Why is it important to register your domain for more than one year?

    If your domain name is the same as your company’s or business’, it is important to register your domain for more than one year, in order to protect your trademark on the Internet. This will ensure you do not lose your domain due to an oversight in renewing it, which could cause your website or business email to stop working. To conclude, in order to keep your trademark on the Internet, registering your domain for more than one year is essential.

  • Can I buy a domain permanently?

    No. This possibility is not yet available. This means a domain needs to be renewed every year. We can offer you an automatic renewal option, to avoid forgetting to carry out this procedure.

  • What is the 3x1 domain offer?

    We want to help you protect your trademark, so that no one can take away the most popular extensions from you. This is why, with our 3x1 domain registration offer, you can buy 3 domains for the price of 1.

  • Can I get a free domain at Arsys?

    At Arsys, you can get a free domain for 1 year with certain extensions (.com, .es, .net, .org, .info, .eu, .biz, .mobi, .com.es, .nom.es, .org.es, .ws, .be, .online or .store.), if you contract a Hosting, Webmaker or Online Shop plan.

  • What does the transfer promotion consist of?

    You can transfer a maximum of 20 domains to Arsys for only 5€ each for the following extensions: .com, .es, .eu, .net and .org.

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