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Hybrid Cloud: create the configuration that your project requires without technological limitations

Defining the components of the Hybrid Cloud

  • A cloud platform is considered to be hybrid when it has a public cloud component connected to a private cloud or any type of dedicated non-virtualised infrastructure. This may be because of specific performance needs or simply because of the legacy that in some cases is difficult to transform.

    Therefore, the hybrid cloud combines the benefits of each of the solutions it incorporates: public and private cloud. Depending on project requirements, some components can be enhanced against others to optimise the platform’s performance and the benefit of the solution. In other words, if your project has been enhanced with the components of a public cloud rather than a private one, the benefits of your final solution will be enhanced by those of the public cloud. For example, the business core may be in a private cloud while the peak loads and services are exposed to third parties in a public cloud.

  • The hybrid cloud provides an answer to many challenges facing businesses today. For example, when it comes to consolidating a data centre with the main objective of achieving a significant return on investment. Similarly, the hybrid cloud allows you to cut CAPEX and other operating expenses when designing your infrastructure.

    It can also facilitate the process of outsourcing your company’s IT services. Finally, it is undoubtedly an ambassador for the steps a company must take towards the digital transformation that is so necessary nowadays.

Customised hybrid cloud infrastructures for your project

All of our Public Cloud solutions are actually hybrid cloud platforms that allow you varying degrees of interconnection with your private clouds and non-virtualised infrastructures. For example, you will find traditional physical server provisioning in the same management panel as your public cloud or private connectivity from 2 to 10 Gbps. Also with a specific dedicated hardware connected to the same LAN if desired, with a legacy in housing and all with virtualised infrastructure in our public cloud.

It is not necessary to have a hybrid cloud with one single provider. With the option of converting Arsys data centres into nodes of its MPLS network (appropriate connections that Arsys allows in its public clouds), you can have part of your infrastructure on premise or in any other provider and the public cloud with us.

The hybrid cloud is a solution that will facilitate the controlled and gradual digital transformation of your business. This is because it will allow you to evolve naturally into a public or private cloud without any limitations.

With all our hybrid cloud solutions (CloudBuilder Next, CloudBuilder, Private Cloud and Private Cloud Powered by VMware) you will get the following benefits:

  • Invoicing flexibility.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Free transfer.
  • Connectivity services included.
  • 24/7 support in Spanish.
Hybrid Cloud

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