Virtualisation with Dedicated Servers

Deploy your most complex projects with our Dedicated Servers on a pay-per-use basis
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Deploy your own private cloud with Dedicated Servers

If you need to deploy a solution with a more complex architecture and dedicated resources, you can build your own private cloud with our Dedicated Servers and the installation of a hypervisor. In the Cloud panel you will find everything you need to easily deploy and manage your infrastructure.

  • High-performance Dedicated Servers

    Our last generation servers feature Intel and AMD processors and NVMe storage.

  • Advanced network options

    Everything you need to deploy your virtual data center: public and private networks, IPv4, IPv6, load balancers and SSL VPN.

  • Unlimited and free data transfer

    No surprises on the bill. You will enjoy free unlimited data transfer included in your Dedicated Server.

  • Pay-per-use

    You'll only pay for the resources you have on the panel. Plus, you don't have a fixed term contract period.

Choose the perfect Dedicated Server for your Virtualisation

AMD Servers

Discover our new line of AMD servers with the latest Ryzen Pro and EPYC processors, ideal for applications requiring multiple cores.

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Intel® Servers

Learn more about our Intel® servers with the latest scalable Intel® Xeon® processors.

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Virtualisation on Dedicated Servers


You can create public networks and assign them to your dedicated servers to create a virtualisation environment. A public network is the network segment over which traffic from your dedicated servers goes out to the Internet. From the Cloud panel, you can associate IPv4 and IPv6 subnets and configure them on the virtual machines within your Cloud Server to expose them publicly.


Additionally, you will have private networks to communicate your servers in the same data center internally, without the need for traffic to go to the Internet and with a bandwidth of up to 10 Gbps for the largest servers.



Advantages of our Virtualisation with Dedicated Servers

  • 1 Gbps

    1Gbps bandwidth on all your Dedicated Servers in north/south and internal traffic and up to 10 Gbps for the most advanced models.

  • Floating IPs

    Exchange IPs between your servers, in the event of any failure you will be able to continue to operate on another server with the same IP.

  • Operating Systems

    With the latest available versions of the most popular operating systems. Windows DataCenter available.

  • NFS/CIFS Storage

    Additional shared file storage in order to share data between your servers.

  • Network security

    All servers are provided with a perimeter firewall, in which you can configure rules to protect incoming traffic, and enable protection against volumetric DDoS attacks.


    Secure access to your servers via VPN tunnel.

When to use Virtualisation with Dedicated Servers

  • Create your Private cloud

    Build your own customised private cloud, with dedicated servers and virtualisation software such as KVM or Windows Datacenter. It's perfect if you need to control the hypervisor and deploy your own configuration.

  • Deploy complex architecture

    You will have dedicated servers and network infrastructure to deploy applications with complex architectures that require access to servers for customisation.

Virtualisation on Dedicated Servers

Learn how to deploy hypervisors on Arsys’ Dedicated Servers

In this video, you will discover the differences between an In House dedicated server and Arsys’ dedicated servers. We will also show what a hypervisor is and the different types that exist, deploying hypervisors on our dedicated servers. Finally, you will find some very useful tips, shortcuts and tricks for setting up your dedicated server.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Virtualisation with Dedicated Servers

  • What does virtualising a server mean? What is server virtualisation used for?

    Server virtualisation allows you to divide the hardware resources of a physical server between various virtual servers housed within it, isolating them so that they cannot access each other. This allows you to improve the efficiency of the IT resources and optimise the costs of your infrastructure.

    Our Dedicated Servers for virtualisation enable you to construct your own cloud within Arsys, on hardware operated by us, so that you don’t have to worry about this part of the operational management.

  • Which Dedicated Servers are the best for virtualisation?

    The main characteristics of dedicated servers for virtualisation are their increased RAM and CPU resources and their compatibility with 10Gbps traffic. You can select the Dedicated Servers for virtualisation use case in the dedicated server selection filters to view the most suitable models.

  • Which hypervisors does the Arsys Private Cloud support?

    We have the Windows Data Center template for virtualisation with Hyper-V. You can also deploy any hypervisor which can be installed on the available operating systems for Dedicated Servers, such as KVM.

  • What is the additional storage for virtualisation?

    Using the Cloud Panel of your Cloud and Dedicated Servers, you can deploy shared file storage which is accessible via NFS/CIFS. This allows you to increase the storage capacity of your infrastructure and share files between servers. Furthermore, you can set up your own file storage on a Cloud Server with the TrueNAS template and connect it to your Dedicated Servers via a private network.

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