Multi-domain management

Simplify the management of your domains

Increase your profit margins with our special volume pricing.
Gestión Multidominios Multi-domain Management Gestão de Múltiplos Domínios Gestion multidomaines Carga inicial de Initial charge of Charge initiale de Carregamento inicial de 100€ de saldo balance de solde de saldo
  • Special Prices
  • API & Bulk actions
  • Registrations and renewals
  • 100€ credit for domains
  • Exclusive contact
  • Exclusive price

Multi-domain management

Manage your domains easily

  • Special prices

    Enjoy special registration and renewal prices.

  • Exclusive contact

    Experts available by email and phone 24 hours a day to answer your questions.

  • Centralised management

    You can manage all of the actions of your domains from one Control Panel.

  • Account Balance Management

    Top-up your account balance conveniently and immediately. Or schedule your top-ups.

  • API

    Create your own developments: a search engine on your website that allows you to review, register and transfer. More info

  • Bulk actions

    Among other bulk actions, you can arrange registration, renewals, title changes, contact information and DNS servers. Apply the changes you need to the domains conveniently and easily.

Multi-domain Management prices and discounts
Domain Standard Price (register, renewal and transfer) Multi-domain Management Price
.es 25 € 9 €
.com 25 € 12 €
.app new 25 € 15 €
.biz 25 € 14 €
.co new 35 € 25 €
.de new 25 € 10 €
.dev new 25 € 12 €
.eus 80 € 25 €
.info 25 € 15 €
.io new 60 € 50 €
.mobi 25 € 17 €
.org 25 € 12 €
.shop new 60 € 30 €
.store new 80 € 50 €
.ws 25 € 20 €
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Frequently asked questions about Bulk Domain Management

  • What is Bulk Domain Management?

    Bulk Domain Management is a simple and configurable web tool which allows you to quickly and easily manage large volumes of domains.

    Bulk Domain Management includes an API, which is a package of CGIs which can be integrated into web applications developed for you.

  • What is API for Bulk Domain Management? What does it enable me to do?

    With Bulk Domain Management, we provide you with API, a package of CGIs which allows you make the following requests and queries concerning your domains: register a domain, change registrar, verify availability, renew...)

    One of the practical applications of the CGIs might be the automation of the domain registration process from your website. It's extremely simple and you'll be able to work on it in a development environment before implementing it.

  • Which types of extensions are supported by Bulk Domain Management?

    Using Bulk Domain Management you can manage all the extensions Arsys provides. Except the domains .pt and .fr.

  • How do I access Bulk Domain Management?

    You can access Bulk Domain Management from your Client Area.

  • I have already bought a large number of domains from Arsys, how do I insert them into Bulk Domain Management?

    When you purchase the Bulk Domain Management tool, they will be automatically transferred into the tool, ready for you to manage them.

  • My domain is registered with a registrar other than Arsys, how do I insert it into Bulk Domain Management?

    If the domain you wish to insert into Bulk Domain Management is registered with a registrar other than Arsys, you must make a transfer. You can request multiple transfers through Bulk Domain Management.

  • How do I buy Multi-domain Management?

    On our website. You only need to make an initial top-up of €100 (plus VAT) of credit, which you can use for buying new registrations, for transfers and for renewals.

  • How is Bulk Domain Management billed?

    It works through a credit system. In other words, to start carrying out registry processes, renewals and domain transfers, you need to have enough credit in the Bulk Domain Management deposit.

    Every time you carry out an operation (registration, renewal, transfer, buying a Whois, etc.) the corresponding price is deducted from your credit.

  • How do I top up my credit?

    You can perform single top-ups at any time. Plus, you can configure alerts and/or automatic top-ups when you reach a certain amount, so that you never run out of credit.

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