Game Servers

Maximum performance and speed for your video games

Thanks to our game servers with up to 1 Gbps bandwidth and low latencies.

Advantages of Arsys Servers for my games

Administration freedom
You will be able to configure your game server according to your needs from the root access. Through an intuitive panel you can manage the servers, monitor their status... Simply and in a matter of minutes. In addition, you can select the resources needed for your game server and scale at any time according to the game load.
Maximum gaming speed
Our servers have a bandwidth of 1Gbps to handle the internal and outgoing work flow to the Internet, guaranteeing the availability of services. In addition, our game servers are hosted in data centers in Spain and Europe that allow us to locate the server closest to the player, providing the lowest latency and avoiding lag.
Operating systems
Configure the server with the operating system that best suits your needs. Our servers are compatible with a variety of operating systems, from Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, CoreOS, Arch Linux, OpenSuse) to the latest versions of Windows.
Scalability and flexibility
Our game servers adapt to the demands of your games at all times. So you can increase and decrease the resources you use depending on the load of the game.
Thanks to the latest generation technology we offer, such as SSD storage, NVMe, Intel Skylake and VMware... you will be able to enjoy your game server at maximum performance.
Our servers are protected against denial of service attacks (anti-DDoS), as well as having a perimeter firewall. We also offer you secure connections via VPN (virtual private network).

With our Servers, nothing will slow down your games: which one suits you best?

Cloud Servers

Cloud technology means you can enjoy maximum flexibility. This option is perfect for adjusting server configuration according to the number of players, allowing you to adapt the CPU, RAM... And above all, to adjust your budget because you only pay for the resources you use.

See all our Cloud models
Dedicated Servers

If you are looking for the best performance for your games, a dedicated gaming server is the best option. You will be able to manage your game server and have root access at any time so that you can configure the system according to the needs of your game without any complication thanks to our powerful and intuitive panel.

Discover the latest models of Dedicated Servers

Choose the perfect Game Server for your online games

What else do Arsys gaming servers offer you?

  • Backup space

    This feature allows you to make backups without complications and from any device so that you don't lose any information.

  • Easy-to-use and intuitive panel

    From our control panel you can deploy and manage your game server without hassle. Its easy-to-use and intuitive design allows you to manage your game server with the best user experience.

  • RAM memory

    You choose the amount of RAM your games need so that you can play with maximum performance and total security. In addition, if the number of players and the game load increases, you can scale our server resources to suit your gaming needs.

  • Guaranteed availability

    Arsys' uninterruptible power supply systems guarantee rapid recovery from any failure in a matter of seconds.

  • IPv6 available

    Our servers have a public IPv4 address and a range of IPv6 addresses. You will have free public IPs and you will be able to add and connect the IPs you need to your server to play without any inconvenience.

  • Images (Cloud only)

    Create server templates from an existing server and deploy exactly the same servers whenever you want. You can then delete it and create it as many times as you want from the template. This way you can deploy the server so that you can play quickly, without installing and configuring it each time.

For which games might you be interested in having a game server?

  • minecraft

    One of the most popular games worldwide and one of the kings of multiplayer sandbox games. For a smooth gaming experience, with our servers you can add all the necessary mods, they are indispensable Minecraft servers.

  • counter strike

    To enjoy all Counter Strike matches you need CS Go servers to create private games and enjoy maximum performance. This allows you to customise your gaming experience while using the resources you need.

  • rust

    It is essential to choose the right server to enjoy this game because it is a multiplayer game. It is therefore essential to take into account the number of players, the features of the map and the length of time it has been active.

  • ark

    With a good Ark server you will be able to enjoy the entire Ark universe. Our high-performance servers allow you to create your own tribe and compete with other players.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Game Servers

Should you need additional information, there are hundreds of answers for you in our support centre.

  • What is a game server?

    This type of server functions as a central data transmitter so that players connect to the same game server to participate in their online games. During gameplay, the server manages and synchronises user and game information and data, ensuring a much more professional gaming experience. This type of server is essential for multiplayer games like MInecraft, Counter-Strike...

  • How does a game server work?

    The process of running a game server is simple:

    • The player only has to connect to the login server which allows access to the game.
    • Once logged in, simply connect to the game server.
    • Once the connection between client and server is established, information and data can be exchanged.

    This will increase the player's experience and the speed of play in every multiplayer game.

  • Why set up my own game server?

    It's the best way to enjoy your favourite game with maximum functionality. This is because our game servers use the latest technology, such as AMD Ryzen processors that deliver maximum gaming performance. Gaming servers also have the necessary features to host online gaming matches and ensure good image and video performance.

    Of course, security is paramount, so our servers have anti-DDoS protection to prevent denial of service attacks, providing an exceptional gaming experience.

    Finally, you will have the flexibility and scalability of the game servers so that you can configure the system the way you want to play with other players, without complications and enjoying maximum performance.

  • How much does a game server cost?

    At Arsys we offer you a wide range of servers with different levels of performance and prices to adapt to your needs. In addition, in many cases you can take advantage of our 30-day free servers offer to try them out. This way, before you pay anything, you can decide which one best suits your online gaming needs.

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    More than 300 people, who are passionate about technology and in continuous training, dedicated exclusively to answer your questions and queries.

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