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We work with you to design the best architecture for your project

Having experts in each field can optimise your solution

  • There are many ways to design a solution to work well. Each with its critical differences, advantages and disadvantages. For example, a monolithic system with Plesk for a personal WordPress account is not the same as a fully distributed system with its different cache layers, replicated in more than one data centre with global balancers and with WAF and CDN.

  • To ensure that you have the optimum architecture design or solution for your project, we can offer you a team of professionals with extensive experience in the design and operation of public and private production platforms, which manages more than 100.000 virtual servers y and as many dedicated servers, as well as mail platforms that far exceed tens of millions of mailboxes. All of this under complex connectivity and security solutions and following the highest standards.

Steps for designing your infrastructure

    • Step 1. In order to offer you the ideal solution, our professionals work with our sales force who work hard to understand your technical and business needs. This way, we'll have a full understanding of your vision before we get to work.
    • Step 2. Next, we evaluate the different architectures and/or solutions that meet the above needs. We present you with a summary of the most important ones and explain their advantages and disadvantages. We will also recommend an infrastructure design. If your technical team needs more information about the proposals we have made, we will arrange a meeting to clarify any doubts and facilitate objective decision making in line with your interests.
    • Step 3. If you decide to work with us for implementing and migrating your proposal, we'll assign you a project manager. They will manage all tasks and coordinate with your technical team until deployment and migration is complete.
    • Step 4. If you have hired any level of business support, our team will be available to help you with any task.