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Your security plan B is spelt with a V for Veeam. The passive security solutions your business needs

If you are interested in Passive Security solutions with Veeam to implement in your project, we are happy to listen to you and design a customised service for you.

Protect your business with Arsys and Veeam

There is growing concern about ransomware and security, but also about the costs and complexities involved in data management. All this is forcing the IT industry to strengthen its backup infrastructure and explore new solutions.

In this scenario, at Arsys we offer you all our experience in the sector and the most innovative technology so that your project reaches its greatest potential in the Cloud:

  • We are the only Veeam Cloud & Service Provider Platinum in Spain (VCSP) and a member of the Veeam Reseller Ready programme.
  • Data sovereignty with a service located in Spain and offered by a Spanish provider.
  • Data centres in Spain with the most relevant certifications: Tier III, ENS, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, ISO 14001, etc.
  • Own 24x7 local support with ratings of 83 out of 100 on the Net Promoter Scope (NPS) scale.
  • Pay-per-use with no investment and no data transfer costs.

Cloud Connect Backup

  • Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly specialised and complex. This forces you to be prepared to defend yourself and avoid information losses that can generate a very high cost both economically and in terms of reputation.
  • How can you deal with this situation? Nowadays, a backup copy is the last line of defence against an attack.

Cloud Connect Replication

  • In today's world, where digital transformation is already well established in companies, it is essential to guarantee business continuity in the event of any unforeseen event. Your online presence cannot go down and your IT systems must always be up and running, regardless of the eventuality that may occur.
  • To make your infrastructure more solid and robust, we offer you a Disaster Recovery solution. This is a high-tech service, affordable for any company.

M365 Backup

  • Cloud collaboration tools are a growing trend. One of their weaknesses is that all information stored there is the responsibility of the customer; which can mean that it is at risk from a malfunction, human error or cyber-attack.
  • Popular solutions such as Microsoft 365 or M365 (formerly Office 365) do not have an integrated backup and therefore require a specialised external solution. With our solution, based on Veeam technology specifically for M365, you will be able to protect your information in a transparent, complete and agile way.

Kasten K10 Backup

  • Next generation applications are often based on microservices architectures, the Cloud, and built with containers. Kubernetes is the dominant container orchestrator in the industry that is constantly evolving and innovating.
  • Kubernetes backup requires a specialised, secure and easy-to-use tool. We propose Kasten K10 from Veeam, which in addition to meeting the above requirements, is the leading Kubernetes backup solution.

Managed backup and contingency services

  • Backup and contingency solutions have become essential services for businesses. However, it is not so easy for a company to dedicate its own resources to these tasks, which require constant specialisation and complexity.
  • We offer you a portfolio of Managed Services with the best practices and tools offered by Veeam and the experience and knowledge in backup and contingency provided by Arsys and its partners.
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