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Your information is a very important asset for your project. Losing sensitive information may suppose a risk to your business, due to customer dissatisfaction, times of inactivity and even economic fines.

With Cloud Backup you can make backups of the platforms you have housed both outside and inside of Arsys, whatever the device: physical or virtual servers, desktops, mobile devices, etc. and you can restore them wherever and whenever you want.

No fees for licenses, installation or hidden costs. You only pay for the volume you store. Try it now completely FREE, quickly and easily:

  • Install the backup software on the computers you need to back up.
  • Select the content you want to back up.
  • Schedule and configure the creation of your backups.



You can create a duplicate of your system and store all your data in order to carry out a migration of the recovery disk using cloning and mirror images.


If you want a copy of your data to be always available, you can synchronise or make a backup of your files and folders in the Cloud.


You can quickly and easily recover the entire system, or a specific folder or file. This means that your information is always accessible.


Protection for any environment

Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, virtual machines (VMWare, Hyper-V, Virtuozzo, XenServer, RHEV), etc.

100% reliable and very fast

Secured backups at an aproximated rate of 500 Mbps.

Different types of backup

Backup drives/volumes (with all the information needed to boot up the operating system), specific files or folders, the system status or the configuration of an ESXi.

Customisable programming of backups

Based on the schedule and frequency you want: monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or even every 10 minutes.

Incremental backups

By default, the first backup will be a complete backup and in the successive ones, only the files you have changed will be transferred.

Version control

Various versions so that you can choose the most suitable one for restoring your server.

Flexible restoration

Restore your data and/or full systems in just a few seconds from your cloud storage volume.

Proven protection

With passwords and AES-256 data encryption, both in transit and at rest, in order to guarantee compliance with current regulations.


We know how important it is to keep data available or to restore a backup copy. That's why the Cloud Backup control panel grants you simple and scalable administration. You can make the backups you need and restore them wherever and whenever you want. Lastly, you can monitor the status of your backups in terms of size, speed, etc.

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