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Security is a real necessity for businesses

  • Security is one of the priorities of any company. In recent times, with the boom in digital service use, cyber attacks have proliferated and therefore security services are increasingly necessary. Increasingly, businesses are looking for tools to protect their themselves and avoid the losses that a security breach could bring. Many attacks do not aim to target the business itself, but will use it as a place to carry out an attack of a higher magnitude or gain access to another victim because of their relationship.

  • A secure computer system is one that has the following qualities: integrity (only authorised persons can modify the information), confidentiality (only authorised persons can access the information) and availability (information available at all times and a stable system). It is necessary to be up to date with the security of solutions, applying the latest patches from the firmware to the application servers that run our applications, to the vulnerability analysis, etc.

The advantages of counting on us for the provision and maintenance of your security services include

We have been designing services for more than 20 years, so we always offer you the latest technological solutions with the highest levels of physical and logical security. We also have specialised staff who ensure the safety of our services, 24 hours a day.

Our solutions will allow you to provide services that are faster, more agile and scalable. In addition, we can offer you services that are adapted to your budget, including pay-per-use modalities. We also have specialised staff who receive continuous training in security tools and services. Finally, you will see a decrease in maintenance costs and time savings for specialised IT staff to perform tasks focused on evolving your infrastructure or developing your business.

On the other hand, logical security is the area where the advance of technology generates new ways of violating information and, therefore, where more effort must be devoted to protect our systems. Therefore, counting on us as a partner will allow you to have very complex tools at an affordable cost and without the need to have experts managing each of them.

Every business model is different, and so are the security measures they need. Therefore, we can offer you solutions that can be approached from the most basic layers to the most specialised ones as indicated below:

Safety Solutions graphic - WAF
Security Solutions graphic - DDoS
  • Secure connectivity via VPN (SSL or IPSEC) through the establishment of tunnels that allow encrypted connectivity with the services deployed in the CPD.
  • Deployment of firewalls that allow servers with external connectivity to be located in a demilitarised zone (DMZ), thus preventing an intruder from accessing the internal network if he breaches those servers.
  • Implementation of an intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) that monitors connections and alerts to unauthorised access attempts or protocol misuse.
  • Deployment of computers with mixed functionality (antivirus, firewall, and others), such as a UTM that allows for unified management of most cyber-threats that can affect an enterprise.
  • Web application firewall (WAF) service that will act and prevent malicious connections from reaching the website and prevent losses to your business.
  • Anti-DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection that can mitigate the effects of an attack, if the measures are adequate, or even render the website inoperative if they are not.

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