Cutting CAPEX and Operating Costs

Challenges | Cutting CAPEX and Operating Costs

We can help you cut CAPEX and other operating costs from your infrastructure design

  • What challenges are there in cloud investment reduction?

    Due to the growing importance of IT in driving digital transformation and consequent revenue growth, the challenge nowadays for company CIOs is to balance saving on costs without cutting funds for initiatives that are key to the business. In other words, the aim is to execute the operation as efficiently as possible and, at the same time, provide the organisation with the best services.

    A good option for reducing overall IT costs is to migrate workloads to the cloud. Although it can be a complex process, it has two major advantages. Firstly, it means having predictable costs, a more efficient operation and a transition from CAPEX to OPEX that allows for a decrease in the Total Cost of Ownership.

    Secondly, migration to the cloud allows you to adopt newer technologies that allow your company to be more efficient and provide better customer experiences. You'll also have the necessary security, service level agreements and availability guarantees to protect your most important data and applications.

  • What are the differences between CAPEX and OPEX?

    Every company seeks greater cost efficiency. One strategy to follow is to turn investments or CAPEX into operating expenses or OPEX, so that the investment can be reduced and transformed into a variable cost that adapts to the needs of your business.

    Consuming technology as a service by not investing in your own infrastructure, allows you to have greater liquidity for other projects in the short term. You can take advantage of the benefits that the economy of scale of large data centres brings and the possibility of a technological renovation that is increasingly faster, now that systems become obsolete much quicker than before. Even if you make a mistake in the sizing your project, you can act faster than if you had bought your own infrastructure.

    Investing in infrastructure instead of consuming it as a service is not the best option as it requires greater liquidity and the return on invested capital takes more time. Therefore, OPEX could be the most advantageous solution for your IT department and is usually a better option in terms of tax (it can be deducted from Corporate Tax), allowing you to reduce the expense of purchasing equipment and hiring specialised staff.

How we can help you

  • Public Cloud

    A flexible and scalable solution that lets you adapt your project to business demands. You can immediately access unlimited resources whenever you need them, or reduce them instantly without any internal infrastructure requirements.

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  • Arsys Private Cloud powered byVMware®

    Decrease your operating costs and increase the availability of your services. We take care of infrastructure investments and the platform to ensure the security and privacy of your projects.

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  • Professional Services

    You can count on our experts, 24 hours a day. You will have access to advice, implementation and support services to help you design and achieve the digital transformation that your company needs.

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  • Infrastructure for SAP Hana

    SAP environments, especially if they are legacy or inefficient, can be costly to maintain and require periodic upgrades to improve performance and reliability. Our solution will make it easy for you to have an optimised infrastructure and meet regulations.

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This is how we have helped other clients

Among our clients is a company that offers telematic services for large medical insurance companies. It required a highly scalable virtual desktop platform and high guarantees of security and availability, and quickly. As well as achieving these goals, our solution means you only pay for the resources used in each campaign. This has saved the company the investment in platform hardware and the resources needed to manage and maintain the infrastructure.

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