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Direct Cloud Connect: interconnect your clouds with no fuss

Mechanisms for connections with hyperscales

  • Increasingly, cloud platforms are evolving into hybrid and multicloud models in which the workloads are split between different providers and need connectivity between each other.

    In many cases, access to the cloud services (whether they are located on Arsys or hyperscales) is made via public internet connections. However, these connections are not the most reliable, efficient or secure. As an alternative, large companies usually use Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to configure dedicated internet access, which is when they do not share the bandwidth with other clients. However, this type of connectivity continues to constitute a limit in terms of bandwidth, latency, performance and increased cost.

  • As a cloud provider, Arsys believes that it is essential to address the specific requirements and needs of our clients. Therefore, we provide interconnection mechanisms not only between Arsys platforms, but also to hyperscales using what is known in the market as “direct cloud connect”, establishing a dedicated network connection between platforms.

    To do this, it has developed a service that makes direct connections between the public cloud environments of Amazon, Google and Azure and our own data centers.

The benefits this brings to your project: Direct Cloud Connect

Our Direct Cloud Connect service allows you to interconnect services deployed in our Logroño and Madrid data centers, as well as those in other Cloud providers (such as AWS, Google Cloud and AZURE) in order to manage your growing volume of data and new applications. This means that you will have bandwidth that is pre-established via a contract and a connection via the Arsys WAN which is already connected to hyperscales via Direct Connect.

What does Arsys Direct Cloud Connect offer?

  • A direct connection which avoids using the internet.
  • A stable solution that is not susceptible to DDoS attacks.
  • Adaption that is quick and complication-free.
  • Low packet transit times and stable packet routing.
  • Redundant configurations.
  • Guaranteed bandwidths and needs-based flexibility.
  • SLA.
Direct Cloud Connect