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We can help you comply with your business’s IT security regulations

  • What challenges are involved in current regulations?

    The business world is subject to a large number of regulatory requirements, standards and regulations to which all organisations must comply. Some of the most important are the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), an EU regulation that affects the processing of personal data handled by companies, the National Security Scheme (NSS) and other security standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27002 and PCI-DSS. However, there are many more that need to be known and taken into account for the application and development of each project.

    IT compliance refers to all measures, procedures and good practices relating to the protection of data and the ICT infrastructures that store, process and transmit it. They not only affect large companies, but all companies regardless of their size.

  • What you should keep in mind

    IT compliance controls help in three ways. Firstly, they allow you to avoid penalties and claims, such as the millions of fines that, for example, are outlined in the GDPR. Secondly, they strengthen your brand image and reputation which could be affected if, for example, protected data were leaked. Consequently, with IT compliance you would avoid the loss of customers and associated financial risks.

    Finally, the application of a series of measures that guarantee this compliance in your business also guarantees the correct functioning of IT infrastructures. That is, it would improve your company's overall security against cyber attacks such as industrial espionage.

How we can help you

  • Data centre

    Arsys guarantees that the provision of all our IT services is based on our own cloud platform, hosted in different data centres in Spain, Europe and the United States, with all the necessary certifications and accreditations to guarantee the maximum level of security, and operated 24/7, 365 days a year, by our extensive team of analysts.

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  • Managed Security services

    We have several managed security services, such as vulnerability management tools and security authoring, which allow us to not only detect possible threats, but also to solve them in record time, with action-based solutions that are always previously tested and approved.

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  • IT consulting and advice

    We provide a large team of experts to help you design and implement cloud architectures and control tools designed to meet business needs relating to compliance.

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  • Private Cloud

    Arsys Private Cloud powered by VMware allows you to have your own data centre hosted at our facilities and managed by our experts, in just a few minutes. A data centre completely and exclusively dedicated to you, with the most advanced VMware technologies to guarantee the security of both the stored data (vSAN) and the access and communications (NSX-T).

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This is how we have helped other clients

It is quite normal for the objectives of insurers to go beyond the standard legislation they are obliged to comply with in the countries in which they operate. Compliance with its internal statutes (governance), aimed at achieving the excellence of its processes, is so detailed that it requires IT services and an operation adapted to each of them.

We offer a hybrid solution that allows you to benefit from the flexibility and cost savings of the cloud, and also have the specific and dedicated components that the adaptation to your governance requires.

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