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The path to designing an established virtual desktop solution

  • Desktop virtualisation first appeared in the 1970s with IBM mainframes, the first technology that allowed multiple users to work on the same hardware. However, it was not until the 1990s that it began to be used to separate the physical machine from the data and programmes running on it. This allows users to remotely and securely access their desktops from any device capable of remotely connecting to that central server, be it a computer, tablet or smartphone.

    There are many technological solutions that may seem the same (such as VDI or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure but they are not. Early virtual desktop deployments did not use VDI technologies, but rather SDI (Shared Desktop Infrastructure), in which all users share RAM, CPU and storage resources. This implies potential performance issues and very limited customisation capabilities, as applications have to be identical for all users. Later, the solution evolved into the DaaS (Desktop-as-a-Service) model, a desktop based on VDI technologies, but hosted in the cloud and delivered as a service. This means you can forget about the complex maintenance of the underlying technology and pay only for the contracted services, with no need for costly initial investments in implementation and infrastructure.

  • Recently the implementation of virtual desktops on the market has become widespread. Companies are increasingly opting for this type of solution because of its marketing as a service. Also, radically improved access protocols, hardware accelerators and, above all, high-speed networks make it possible to ensure a satisfactory user experience. Finally, the exceptional circumstances caused by COVID-19 in recent months have forced all companies to rethink the way in which their employees work.

    The main benefits for companies when using any desktop virtualisation technology are:

    • Flexibility to work from any location and on any device with the same experience of being in the office.
    • Centralisation of administration.
    • Acceleration of mass deployments or application and operating system updates.

What benefits can the Virtual Desktop bring to your business?

To offer you the best virtual desktop solution, we signed an agreement with Flexxible IT in 2018. Thanks to their experience and highly specialised solution, we were able to launch a new product on the market with the aim of boosting the adoption of Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) services in Spain. Today we host more than 3,000 virtual workstations from over 300 companies in our data centre.

Our Arsys Virtual Desktop is a multi tenant solution for delivering virtual desktops as a service, based on Citrix technology and VDI infrastructure (one VMs per desktop). It has a centralised management panel (Flexxible|Suite) that allows you to easily and efficiently manage hundreds of workstations.

The main benefits of this solution are:

  • Capex reduction in service mode and monthly payments, without any initial cost or obligation to stay.
  • Flexible and intuitive control panel for easily managing users, templates and workstations to respond almost immediately to your business requirements.
  • Compatibility (Windows OS-based service) with all local applications and devices running Windows 10.
  • Performance: all users have exclusively dedicated resources.
  • Security: with anti-virus software and secure access regardless of where you are, and full information backup every 24 hours.

We are also experienced in setting up different types of solutions for our business customers. Therefore we have solutions based on different technologies (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft), with different delivery models and complexity (from a simple server with access via Terminal Server, to complex VDI environments totally isolated and dedicated to a single project or company).

Virtual Desktop

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