Flexibility during Changing Times

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We can offer you flexible solutions during these changing times

  • What does it mean to have a flexible infrastructure

    On the Internet, one second is a long time. In fact, three seconds is the average time a potential customer waits before leaving a page that is taking too long to load. One of the factors that can influence this time period is the number of users that are visiting your website at any one time. Therefore, if you have an online business, your website must be prepared to absorb any peak loads.

    For this, we recommend creating an infrastructure capacity management strategy so that it can request and obtain, in a matter of seconds, additional resources whenever the demand (whether for computing, space or memory) exceeds the capacity of the platform in production.

    This also optimises investment by paying only for additional one-off resources. In this way, you would not incur oversizing costs.

  • Why should your project be flexible and scalable?

    If there is a technology that has managed to combine cost optimisation and application responsiveness improvements, then it is the cloud. It allows you to quickly scale resources up or down when needed. It also gives you the flexibility to support your customers if your business grows or changes. This is, of course, a great advantage compared to an internal data centre.

    On the one hand, cloud technology allows you to guarantee a better experience for your users in your online business, with the option of being able to add resources automatically if you have a high demand and contributes to keep your online services always working with the right performance.

    On the other hand, the functionality of being able to dynamically remove resources when demand is low in order to avoid over-supply, will allow you to reduce your costs.

How we can help you

  • Public Cloud

    CloudBuilder Next is a service that is billed by consumption and allows you to grow or shrink in a matter of minutes. Therefore, it is an ideal solution for those with intense or unpredictable traffic.

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  • Arsys Private Cloud powered byVMware®

    With VMware® hyperconvergence technology (vSphere, vSAN and NSX-T), you can manage and distribute your own storage, networking and computing resources. And all this is pay-per-use. including licenses, with no initial costs or obligation to stay.

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  • Hybrid Cloud

    The deployment of a hybrid infrastructure, with shared and dedicated components, will allow you to optimise performance in a scalable and very cost efficient way.

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  • Arsys Virtual Desktop

    Our solution for managing virtual workstations will allow you to assign or terminate desktops for new users, as quickly, efficiently and easily as possible.

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This is how we have helped other clients

The rastreator.com web environment had high demand peaks as a result of their advertising campaigns so they needed flexibility to ensure the best performance.

We implemented a hybrid infrastructure that combined cloud flexibility and the performance of dedicated hardware specific to their core applications.

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