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  • Automatic incoming and outgoing mail backup
  • Protection from deletion or loss
  • Unlimited mailboxes backup
  • Advanced searches with eDiscovery
  • User permissions management
  • European regulation compliance
Email Backup

Why do I need to back up my emails?

Our Email Backup service is a powerful yet simple tool that will help you in these scenarios.

Protection from accidental or deliberate deletion

Email is a vital work tool for many companies,and can often store very important information.

Compliance with legislation

There are sectors where regulations mean it is mandatory to retain emails with important information (orders, payments, taxes, work documentation, etc.) for a fixed length of time. For example, Article 30 of the Code of Commerce stipulates that commercial documents must be retained for 6 years. It is also important to consider General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rules relating to data protection and consumer privacy. This also applies to emails and any digital documentation storage.

Additional space

With our email backup service, you can free up space in your current email accounts as your backup will copy everything.

Information security

With Email Backup, you will always find the information you need because the administrator has access to the smart search system eDiscovery, which enables: access to all mailboxes that are subject to backup, and to all messages and attachments. Searches by date range, information source...

The security of your email data is our priority

Email Backup is specially designed so you can easily make automatic copies of incoming and outgoing emails. Forget about making periodic dumps or new copies.

You will also be able to make unlimited backups of any mailbox you want: from your Arsys domain and from mailboxes linked to other external domains or email providers. You only pay for the space you purchase and you can change your plan whenever you need to.

In order to safeguard your data, you will be able to manage 4 permission levels:

  • Administrator: total permission to access all information
  • Data protection profile: for the company's manager to monitor current regulations like GDPR
  • Reviewer: very useful for audits, for example
  • User: access only for checking mailboxes and recovering emails

Our email backup packages

Get started now to protect the important information that may be in your mailboxes. Don’t risk the loss of information or necessary audit documentation. Now you can manage your mailbox backups quickly and automatically with our Email Backup packages:

  • 10 GB
    3 months Free
    and then 5 /month
  • 50 GB
    15 /month
  • 150 GB
    35 /month
  • 500 GB
    100 /month
  • 1.000 GB
    195 /month

If you already use an Arsys service that includes mailboxes, you simply need to activate Email Backup in the Client Area. If you do not yet use personalised email under your domain name, you can choose from our portfolio of email services and activate Email Backup for them.

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Frequently asked questions about Email Backup

  • What happens after the 3-month free trial?

    This promotion lets you try our 10 GB Email Backup service. If you do not wish to continue benefiting from our mailbox backup service after the 3-month trial, you can cancel for free.

  • What happens to my backups if I cancel my Email Backup?

    You will be able to download all of your backups for a fixed period of time. After this period, all your information will be deleted.

  • How are backups carried out?

    The Email Backup service will back up what you currently have in your mailbox, as well as all incoming and outgoing mail from the time of activation. The only thing that cannot be backed up is anything you have deleted before activation.

    Depending on the volume of emails in your mailbox, it is possible that the first backup will take some time to complete.

  • Can I use the Email Backup service to migrate my email?

    Yes. You can download all your current emails and copy them to the destination email account.

  • Can I create a data protection reviewer profile?

    Of course. The person in charge of this function for your project will be able to delete emails, carry out audit meetings, etc.

  • Can users individually access their mailboxes?

    Yes, they can check their emails and download them.

  • How are Email Backup backups configured?

    The backup happens automatically every few minutes. You can also set other rules. For example, you can create a retention policy (the number of years you want email backups to be kept for).

  • Can I back up external email accounts or does it only work with Arsys email accounts?

    You can use Email Backup for both Arsys email services and those from other providers. In the case of other providers, you will need to authenticate this account.

  • How do I activate Email Backup for my mailboxes?

    You can activate your backups when you create the account. For pre-existing accounts, an email will be sent to begin the authentication process..

  • Is there a law that requires me to retain my email communication?

    Depending on your sector and the nature of your company, you must retain some types of information from your email account for a fixed time, according to the laws of your country. Email Backup can help you to comply with the integrity and confidentiality principles stipulated by European regulations governing the retention of email documentation and digital archives.

  • How long do I need to retain my emails for?

    It depends on the laws in your country and your sector. To give an example, Article 30 of the Code of Commerce stipulates that it is necessary to keep all documentation like books, correspondence, documents and receipts for 6 years. However, there are regulations governing the protection of personal data which limit the period of preservation of certain data or prevent it altogether. For example, GDPR prohibits the storage of employees' personal emails unless they have given their express consent, and states that a document must cease to be stored when it has served its purpose.

  • Who should be responsible for retaining emails?

    All companies are responsible for retaining any electronic or physical information that may be required by law.

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