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How to protect company information

  • The first way to protect your company's critical data is through backup Most companies make a preventive copy of their information: usually for reasons related to governance (the company’s own regulated decision) or compliance (regulation required of the company).

    A different issue is the percentage of companies that have a regular protocol for restoring and checking backups. It is equally important to have another protocol for safeguarding critical information, as well as a local backup in an off-site location with overlapping retention periods.

    Therefore, backup solutions are the most basic part of a disaster recovery plan. Especially since there are services on the market today that can be easily combined to ensure the availability of a backup and its recovery on any infrastructure, whether they are traditional backups by the agent or backups of entire machines.

  • The best strategy is to combine different backup solutions, depending on the information that needs to be protected, the available recovery times and the operations to be assumed for its management.

    The main advantages of backup solutions for companies are:

    • Peace of mind.
    • Compliance with current legislation.
    • Quick recovery of information from attacks and/or errors.
    • First step in company continuity.

This is our range of backup solutions

At Arsys, we provide many of the solutions on the market, some already packaged and others designed by us and offered by demand to our clients. We always offer our brand guarantees: free transfer and the possibility of specific connectivity services; flexibility in invoicing and no hidden costs. And, of course, you can count on our 24/7 support service in Spanish whenever you need it.

  • Backup solutions as a service. You can carry out backups on any device or platform: mobiles, workstations, servers or specific agents for data engines. Everything is controlled and managed simply from a single panel.
  • Integrated solutions in our public cloud platforms. From the cloud control panel, you can manage all aspects of our infrastructure, including mass backup. You can process any kind of backup: by agent of specific files or systems, or of complete machines, either by talking to a hypervisor or by the functionalities of its agent. It is backed by manufacturers such as Acronis and Veritas.
  • Veeam Backup and Replication Solutions. Powerful solution that allows you to outsource backups to Arsys and disaster replication. All based on Veeam Software technology, one of the leaders in Backup & Replication solutions.
  • Object storage solutions, widely used from the software layer. Compatible with any of the backup solutions you may be using in your business environment.
  • Whatever type of backup solution that your business may require, from backup to tapes, tape robots, or full cabin replicas.
Cloud Backup

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