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A private infrastructure with all the advantages of the cloud

Main advantages of the Private Cloud for Business

  • The private cloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service service dedicated exclusively to a single client or organisation, both in terms of its management and its resources. This ensures that the design of the infrastructure is fully aligned with the requirements of your project, without having to take design decisions from third parties.

    In addition, thanks to its flexibility, you can increase resources when you need them or hyper-convert them by managing only one type of hardware on the platform. This will give you not only simplicity in management, but also high performance. This type of infrastructure also allows you to reduce investments in technology and human resources and the waiting time to get your project up and running.

  • The private cloud contributes to solving the challenges of data centre consolidation, therefore optimising your investment. As well as complying with all current regulations relating to IT technologies, the private cloud will allow you to comply with internal governance policies without the need to make design decisions.

    Among the main uses of private cloud infrastructures are bursting (cargo movement) and DRP (disaster recovery plans) in technological environments. In both cases, the contribution of a private cloud is a basic piece in the construction of a hybrid multi-cloud solution.

We design your custom private cloud solution

Depending on the specific requirements of your project, we will propose the private cloud infrastructure that best suits your needs. It could be from a public Cloudbuilder cloud with dedicated resources, a distributed private cloud or, if you prefer, a hyperconvergent solution from the top manufacturers on the market. We use VMware's hyperconvergence technology for this.

You will always be able to benefit from these advantages:

  • Free transfer.
  • Connectivity services.
  • Billing flexibility.
  • No hidden costs.
  • 24/7 support in Spanish.
Private Cloud

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