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Canvas LMS is a cloud-based learning management system.

This learning management system provides among other features an intuitive interface, graphic analytics, automated tasks, custom notifications and conferencing tools.

In addition, you can also record audio and video messages within Canvas LMS.

This cloud-based learning management system can be extended with 3rd party apps.

The Canvas App Centre provides powerful tools like Vimeo, Echo360 and Google Charts.

Now choose your cloud server setup with Canvas
Data center:
Cloud Backup:
Servidor Cloud Pro Cloud Pro Server Servidor Cloud Pro Serveur Cloud Pro Tu Servidor Cloud sencillo para que puedas
iniciar tu proyecto en la nube.
Your simple Cloud Server to get
your project started in the cloud.
O seu simples Cloud Server para iniciar
o seu projecto na nuvem.
Votre simple serveur cloud pour démarrer
votre projet dans le cloud.
30 días Gratis 30 days Free 30 dias Grátis 30 jours Gratuit después (máx.)after (max.)depois (máx.)après (max.) 8,50€/mes€/month€/mês€/mois

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  • Provisioning in seconds
  • Up to 5 Cloud servers
  • Up to 32 GB RAM per server (max. €3.5/GB month)
  • Up to 8 vCPUs per server (max. €3.5/vCPU month)
  • Free and unlimited data transfer
  • Connection to servers with private networks
  • HTTP/HTTPS traffic distribution with load balancers
  • Perimeter firewall and secure access via SSL VPN

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