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What is Docker?What is Docker?

Docker is an open source platform that facilitates the creation, implementation and execution of applications quickly through the use of containers. Its main objective is maximum automation for the deployment of applications inside so-called software containers. These incorporate all the dependencies necessary for the software to run, including libraries, system tools, code and runtime.

Its main advantage is that you can quickly implement and scale applications in any environment with the certainty of knowing that your code will execute correctly. This allows the application to be independent of the operating system's dependencies and configuration, as the container is left ready to be deployed on any host with the necessary libraries, services, etc. This allows for agile scaling by simply cloning the container, for example.

Another important advantage is the safety of the application being in a container. This has two reasons:

  • It allows the application to be isolated from other applications in other containers, so even if a hacker were to attack it, the rest of the containers on the same host would not necessarily be compromised.
  • As for the high availability of applications on the same host, each container can be assigned a limit on the use of hardware resources (RAM, CPU...).

Another benefit of the Docker application is that its software is open source. That means anyone can contribute by implementing new features or needs that are not yet available.

Finally, Docker lets you:

  • Easily deploy your developed artificial intelligence models. This simplifies one of the challenges of the Machine Learning model generation process: putting the model into production so that it can interact with other services.
  • Use your machine learning models to deploy services in the form of microservices to be used on your applications and websites.
  • Set up development environments based on public images available in repositories and start programming without worrying about configurations (such as Keras, Tensorflow...).
  • Easily port applications between servers with Docker by vertically scaling resources based on demand.
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  • Provisioning in seconds
  • Up to 5 Cloud servers
  • Up to 32 GB RAM per server (max. €3.5/GB month)
  • Up to 8 vCPUs per server (max. €3.5/vCPU month)
  • Free and unlimited data transfer
  • Connection to servers with private networks
  • HTTP/HTTPS traffic distribution with load balancers
  • Perimeter firewall and secure access via SSL VPN

Docker features

This programme has a number of noteworthy features, namely:

Fast and easy configuration

One of Docker’s key features is that it allows you to configure the system easily and quickly.

Deploying your code takes less time and effort. Because Docker can be used in a wide variety of environments, infrastructure requirements are no longer tied to the application environment.


Moving from the development environment to the production environment reduces the deployment and testing time of any IT project.


Containers can run on any system without having to install anything, as long as it supports your technology. In fact, all you need is a virtual machine and the service / Docker installed on the target computer.


Running a container can take a matter of seconds. Its use adjusts to the contained application’s resource consumption.

Requires less memory than other similar software

Another of Docker’s advantages when compared with other similar programs is that the amount of memory required is very small.

Most applications with the same functionality require about 1 GB for each of the different container images, while with Docker this will barely exceed 180 MB. This feature means Docker can run on older computers.

Working in layers

When using this application and creating a container, a set of files, configurations and libraries is generated separately, depending on the functionalities that the stored programmes have. This allows several containers using the same base to optimise that used space.

Cross-platform software

It can be used with several operating systems at the same time since its only requirement is that the computer has the programme installed. It doesn't matter if it's a Fedora, Mac, Ubuntu or Red Hat virtual machine as its operation will be exactly the same.

Main advantages

Very low resource consumption

Docker requires very few hardware resources compared to virtual machines.


Code is executed in less time, with less effort. Applications stored in Docker containers run quickly, which is not the case with similar programmes.

Easy automation

The implementation of continuous integration environments, such as Jenkins, is extremely simple.

A multitude of freely modifiable images

Availability of an extensive catalogue of free and publicly available images to download and modify according to the needs and requirements of your project. Saves a lot of time and effort. You can also create your own private catalogue or container repository.

Increased productivity

Productivity is increased thanks to the ease of technical configuration and rapid deployment of the application. Docker not only helps to run the application in isolated environments, but also reduces resources.

Fully equipped

The containers include everything necessary for the application to work with specific libraries, files and configurations.

Technical knowledge of installation and management

Docker is a simple programme when it comes to installation, use and maintenance. However, this does not mean that these tasks can be performed by any user. In fact, it is necessary to be knowledgeable of server management and the creation of applications, containers and virtual machines.

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