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Create your online store with MagentoCreate your online store with Magento

Magento is an open source eCommerce platform ideal for creating your online store. If you are considering undertaking a project to sell on the Internet or improve your eCommerce with new and more advanced functionalities, Magento is your solution.

Magento lets you create and manage your online store yourself. It may just be the most powerful eCommerce platform on the market. With Magento, you can build a website to sell on demand and precisely control your sales channel: prices, customers, inventories and, most importantly, logistics information.

It is valid for all types of eCommerce projects: online stores, dropshipping, websites and commercial intermediary platforms.

With an extensive catalogue of plug-ins and tools, it allows you to customise your online store while giving you complete control over the sales channel.

Magento's main objective is to optimise your online business, offering the best user experience when purchasing a product or service.

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Servidor Cloud Pro Cloud Pro Server Servidor Cloud Pro Serveur Cloud Pro Tu Servidor Cloud sencillo para que puedas
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your project started in the cloud.
O seu simples Cloud Server para iniciar
o seu projecto na nuvem.
Votre simple serveur cloud pour démarrer
votre projet dans le cloud.
30 días Gratis 30 days Free 30 dias Grátis 30 jours Gratuit después (máx.)after (max.)depois (máx.)après (max.) 8,50€/mes€/month€/mês€/mois

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  • Provisioning in seconds
  • Up to 5 Cloud servers
  • Up to 32 GB RAM per server (max. €3.5/GB month)
  • Up to 8 vCPUs per server (max. €3.5/vCPU month)
  • Free and unlimited data transfer
  • Connection to servers with private networks
  • HTTP/HTTPS traffic distribution with load balancers
  • Perimeter firewall and secure access via SSL VPN

Magento Features

Site and content management

You can control multiple websites, stores and products from a single administrator without adding extensions. This means you will have a multi-store manager.


Magento has an extensive catalogue of pre-defined themes, plug-ins and tools to customise your eCommerce website according to your needs. In fact, if you have skills in developing, you will be able to customise your store to the maximum.

Product Catalogue Management

With this, you can make the perfect stock and inventory control since it allows for the total management of both individual product files and catalogues.

You can add unlimited filters, attributes and characteristics to your products to simplify and improve searching for your users: type of product or service, material, price, collection, size, colour, etc.


Multi-language support. If you decide to internationalise your business, Magento has add-ons that can help you display your content according to the language spoken by your users or their geographical location.

Analytical reports

Make tracking reports with detailed information about user activity, performance of your products or the general functioning of your website, giving you full control of the metrics that apply to your eCommerce.

Ratings and comments

You can include a user ratings and comments system, which is highly recommended for eCommerce websites.

Cross-selling, discount vouchers and promotions

In terms of marketing, Magento is the ideal tool for cross-selling, setting up discount vouchers and other promotions, as well as suggesting products.

Protect your transactions with Magento


You can give your customers’ shopping experience all the security guarantees while encrypting their personal data.

Payment options

Compatibility with many payment systems. Your customers will have several options for making their purchase and can choose the one that is most attractive and comfortable for them.

Order processing

View an exhaustive record of the transactions made through your eCommerce. This way, you have all purchase data, enabling you to cross reference with other business management platforms.

Purchase expediting

Streamline the customer's purchasing procedure by allowing them to register on your website in advance. This speeds up the process and provides a better user experience.

Customer satisfaction

You can manage everything: from a return, to creating customer accounts, to modifying an order.

Server Technical Requirements for Magento

To configure the eCommerce platform on a server, the server must meet the following requirements: Operating system: Linux, web server: Apache 2 and PHP: Version 5.2 or later.

Technical knowledge for installing and managing Magento

Magento is an open source programme that is fully translated into Spanish, to facilitate installation.

The company claims that little knowledge is needed to create an eCommerce platform with Magento.

However, in order to get the maximum performance from the tool and manage its maintenance once installed, in reality it is essential to have some knowledge of hosting, PHP programming and, above all, MySQL databases.

Magento Server Features

No obligation to stay

Cancel your service simply and quickly, without complications.

Fast and easy

Creating your online store with Magento is very easy and intuitive: choose your design and plug-ins, add your content and publish.

Expand resources at any time

On Cloud Servers, you can increase or decrease your resources as needed. And you only pay for the resources you consume.

Might be interesting for you

The piece of mind of being able to count on cloud experts

Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week