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phpBB (PHP Bulletin Board) is a sistema multi-forum system aimed at creating communities in a way that is very simple and has many customisation options. In this way, you can build customer loyalty by offering them a place to express their opinions, suggestions or criticisms of your product or service. Taking into account their points of view will allow you to reduce your costs thanks to the contributions made by your users: suggestions, improvements, new ideas, etc.

But phpBB is not just a forum. Since its launch in 200, this open source application has been adding new features that have made it a leading app. Your visitors will be able to contact different groups of interest or create a multi-category board for a corporate website. phpBB also features an anti-spam system, data management and other administrative and search features. Among many other features, it is open to the mobile market.

This application is based on the web programming language PHP under the GNU General Public License. It can work with several databases: SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft Access. With a modification, it can also work on Oracle, where it stores information to be able to retrieve it in each language request.

All of these features have encouraged companies all over the world to use phpBB for document sharing and collaboration. In fact, its community is one of the largest on the Internet with almost 300,000 users and developers.


  • 1vCPU
  • 1GB
  • 10GB
  • Unlimited download & upload
  • Geo-localized

Cloud Server

30 days Free
after 19,5 €/month
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With phpBB you can create all the forums and sub-forums you may need to create a real community for your project.


You decide how you want your community to be: open registration for anyone or limited, by personalised invitation, etc.

Enriched Messaging

Your users will be able to create public or private posts and send messages to each other. They will also be able to share text, images, files, emoticons, surveys, etc.


They will also be able to share text, images, files, emoticons, surveys, etc. These include: captchas, publication frequency control, user banning, etc.


You can customise your forums’ style to adapt them to your project’s corporate image and give a sense of consistency to your visitors.


If you need even more functionality, you can integrate plug-ins or other applications that meet your project requirements.


Due to its reputation, this open source application can be used in many languages, both for management and user participation.


This application has an extensive community of developers and users who work every day to make improvements and create new features.

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