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Aplicaciones Cloud

PrestaShop: cloud application

PrestaShop will be ready in seconds with the largest catalogue of applications for your cloud server.
PrestaShop free with your cloud server

PrestaShop on your Cloud ServerPrestaShop on your Cloud Server

If you are thinking of selling online, Prestashop could just be one of the easiest and safest options for this. More than 150,000 online stores worldwide are already using it.

This free open source solution for the area of eCommerce contains innovative features for customer acquisition, such as multiple locations, customisable URLs and full Ajax compatibility. It also offers professional tools to increase online sales, such as quick payment, reminder functions for interrupted online purchases and automatic email marketing.

To facilitate the management of your sales, Prestashop supports secure payment gateways used worldwide: PayPal Payments Pro,, Skrill and First Data. It also offers integration with Amazon, eBay, Facebook and others.

Now choose your cloud server setup with PrestaShop
Data center:
Cloud Backup:
Servidor Cloud Pro Cloud Pro Server Servidor Cloud Pro Serveur Cloud Pro Tu Servidor Cloud sencillo para que puedas
iniciar tu proyecto en la nube.
Your simple Cloud Server to get
your project started in the cloud.
O seu simples Cloud Server para iniciar
o seu projecto na nuvem.
Votre simple serveur cloud pour démarrer
votre projet dans le cloud.
30 días Gratis 30 days Free 30 dias Grátis 30 jours Gratuit después (máx.)after (max.)depois (máx.)après (max.) 8,50€/mes€/month€/mês€/mois

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  • Provisioning in seconds
  • Up to 5 Cloud servers
  • Up to 32 GB RAM per server (max. €3.5/GB month)
  • Up to 8 vCPUs per server (max. €3.5/vCPU month)
  • Free and unlimited data transfer
  • Connection to servers with private networks
  • HTTP/HTTPS traffic distribution with load balancers
  • Perimeter firewall and secure access via SSL VPN

PrestaShop Features

A store that is aopen 24/7

Your customers can buy whenever they want and you can easily manage it from your mobile.

Easy to customise

Change text, font or colours with a click. Fast and uncomplicated.

Optimised for mobile devices

From any device accessed by your customers, your online store will always look perfect.

More than 2,000 professional designs

In PrestaShop you will find thousands of designs for you to find the one that best suits your web project.

Over 300 eCommerce features

This makes it possible to easily manage your products, payments, shipments, customers...

Updated statistical reports

You can check your online store’s results in real time to improve your sales.


PrestaShop is specially designed to make your online store visible in search engine results.

Wide variety of payment options

You can choose from over 50 solutions and payment gateways worldwide.

Safe and controlled shipping.

Your customers will receive a secure delivery and you will be able to control the logistical details.

Customised payment for your customers

For example, if your customers are registered they will be able to enjoy a shorter shopping process.

Take care of customer satisfaction

With tools for returns management, customer account creation and order modification.

PrestaShop, sell quickly and easily

Marketing Tools in PrestaShop

It's a good way to boost your sales. You can do this for all your customers or a specific group.

Discount vouchers

For example, to thank your customers for their loyalty: discount on their first purchase, on shipping costs...

Let your customers have their say

Not only will they be satisfied, but you will receive useful information for improving your business.

Build loyalty with your customers

With reward campaigns (discounts, free shipping...) for recommending others to buy from your online store.

Email marketing

If your customers subscribe to receive your commercial emails, you will be able to keep them up to date with news and offers from your online store.

Might be interesting for you

The piece of mind of being able to count on cloud experts

Support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week