Wordpress on your Cloud Server with 1 click

WordPress is a powerful publishing and content management platform that has many features and tools for Internet publishing that is easy and convenient.

You decide the kind of website you want: a blog, a corporate page, a digital newspaper, an online store... Whatever project you have in mind, WordPress provides you with the necessary tools to configure the architecture of your publishing system. You can also organise posts by their publication date, you will have multiple design and customisation options at your disposal to create an attractive and high-quality site.

Alongside these advantages, WordPress is supported by a large community of designers and developers who are dedicated to programming and creating add-ons or plug-ins and templates.

The easy usability of WordPress and all its features only confirm its enormous popularity. In fact, this content management system forms the base of almost 30% of the world’s web pages.

Finally, in case you need them, WordPress WordPress has advanced versions that are also available on our Cloud Servers. For example, you'll find WordPress Multisite which is ideal if you're looking to manage a network of multiple sites from a single panel. You also get the combination of WordPress with the powerful web server Nginx and SSL certificates to increase your site’s performance while ensuring its security.


  • 1vCPU
  • 1GB
  • 10GB
  • Unlimited download & upload
  • Geo-localized

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Easy to use

The consistency of WordPress allows you to create and manage any website with ease and convenience. This makes it ideal for users without much technical knowledge.


Because WordPress is a CRM with an international base, you can create a website in virtually any language you want.

Open Source

The WordPress public license allows you to use software, analyse it or modify it with complete freedom. Behind it all is a large community dedicated to making improvements and correcting errors.

Link to RRSS

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus… You can integrate the biggest social networks to your website created with WordPress, making it easier for your potential customers to find you.

Multiple designs

With WordPress you can customise your page to your liking: static or dynamic, minimalist or full of information. Plus, there are hundreds of designs to personalise so you can show your unique identity.

Statistics monitoring

With the help of reports provided by WordPress, you can review the performance of your website at any time, monitoring visitor behaviour and building a profile with those main features.


Thanks to the menus and modules (widgets) provided by WordPress, you can improve your visitors’ web experience.

Optimised for mobile

Your website will look great no matter what device it's displayed on, because what sets WordPress apart is its cross-platform adaptability.


Some of the plug-ins offered by WordPress, such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, can help you to improve your web project's visibility on search engine results....


Online store, calendar, tagging system... WordPress has an extensive ecosystem of plug-ins so you can improve the functionality of your website.

Comment Management

WordPress lets you interact with your website visitors, allowing them to provide feedback about your content, ask questions and generate a constant flow of communication.

User Administration

If your site is managed by several users, you can manage roles, as well as create new users or roles with specific tasks.

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