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Bases de Datos como Servicio
con Data Center Designer
Databases as a Service
with Data Center Designer
Bases de dados como Serviço
com Data Center Designer
Bases de données en tant que service
avec Data Center Designer
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  • Database management by Arsys
  • High availability cluster in minutes
  • Scalable resources at any time
  • Pay-per-use
  • PostgreSQL: free and open source
  • Several nodes with different synchronisation possibilities

Features of Databases as a Service in Data Center Designer

  • Managed by Arsys

    You can forget about the maintaining, updating and monitoring of your infrastructure. We can manage the database for you.

  • Scalable

    Scale your database resources vertically according to the needs of your project. At any time.

  • High performance

    Based on our servers with dedicated CPU, you can have access to different performance levels for storage.

  • Pay-per-use

    You only need to pay for the resources you use. And all the flexibility of the Cloud within your reach.

  • Security

    PITR backups to ensure you can restore data from the last 7 days, clusters with fault tolerance and 99.95 availability.

  • Quick deployment

    Deploy your database clusters in minutes from Data Center Designer, integrated with Dedicated CPU servers.

PostGreSQL database

With our managed Database solution in Data Center Designer you will be able to deploy PostgreSQL. This open source database system has a great range of possible applications.

Due to its high-quality tested code, it provides a highly stable system for any type of use, from simple web applications to the most demanding production environments.

  • A solution for classic relational SQL databases with transactional and static pages.
  • Transaction support to ensure data consistency.
  • Full ACID support (Atomicity Consistency Isolation Durability).
  • Support for subselect type SQL constructions.
  • Triggers: to establish integrity and consistency rules at the database server level.
  • Support for Views: a set of records resulting from a query that act as a physical table to make managing easier.
  • Orientation towards objects with table inheritance.

Pay-per-use ensures you only need to pay for the resources you use

With our Managed Database solution, unused space is free of charge and you only need to pay for the resources you use per month.

  • Dedicated CPU


  • RAM  


  • SSD or HDD Disk

    From €0.04 /GB

  • Backup S3  

    €0.015 /GB

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Frequently Asked Questions about Databases as a Service

  • What is the Data Center Designer?

    The Data Center Designer panel allows you to deploy the databases we manage for you. However, this panel offers much more and also allows you, if your project requires it, to deploy Kubernetes, cloud servers with dedicated CPU and S3 storage.

  • How do I access my control panel?

    When contracting this solution, you benefit from an empty Data Center Designer control panel, allowing you to deploy your project with the specific resources it needs.

    In the Customer Area, when logging in for the first time, email and password need to be configured in order to use the panel. The next time you log in, you will be able to enter directly to your Data Center Designer from with the credentials you have provided us.

  • What do I need to access my database?

    Managed databases are accessible through a private network from servers with dedicated CPU or cubes. During database deployment, you need to assign a network in the Data Center Designer and assign it an IP from the configured range.

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