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Dedicated CPU servers: deploy your virtual data centres

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  • Flexible Cloud Servers to suit your needs
  • High performance with dedicated RAM and CPU resources
  • Graphical interface to deploy your services with drag & drop
  • Pay per use so you only pay for the resources you use.
  • Complete your data center with Kubernetes and S3 storage
  • Data Centers in Spain, Germany, England and the USA

Software Defined Data Center

The Data Center Designer provides a graphical interface that allows you to design your data centers by dragging & dropping components.

From the Data Center Designer you can deploy your cloud servers with dedicated CPUs and all the additional components you need to build your data center: additional storage, network components... You can also interact with additional services such as Kubernetes and S3 storage.



Data Center Designer, a high-performance control panel

  • Dedicated resources

    Such as dedicated RAM and CPU for your Cloud servers.

  • High scalability

    Scale the RAM and CPU of your servers at any time to adapt to your workloads.

  • Storage

    HDD/ SSD block storage for your servers with different performance levels.

  • Connectivity

    Connect your servers with VLANs by simply joining them in the Data Center Designer.

  • Firewalls

    Protect your servers with a perimeter firewall.

  • Load balancers

    Distribute traffic between your servers with load balancers.

  • Cubes

    VPS instances in the dashboard that you can connect to your Cloud servers.

  • Image Manager

    Create images and snapshots of your server disks.

  • Managed Kubernetes

    Deploy managed Kubernetes clusters on your Cloud servers.

  • S3 storage

    Object storage compatible with the S3 standard.

  • Cubes (VPS)

    Deploy additional VPS servers with NVME local storage.

  • 24/7 Support

    You can count on our professionals to answer your questions at any time, any day of the year.

Pay per use so you only pay for the resources you use.

In Data Center Designer you pay only for the resources you use for the length of time you use them.
With different levels of disk performance to suit your needs.

  • Dedicated CPU

    0.04 €/h

  • RAM

    0.0045 €/GB/h

  • SSD or HDD Disk

    From 0.04 €/GB

  • Transfer free of charge

    From 0.03 €/GB

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Which projects is a dedicated CPU recommended for?

If you still have doubts about whether the Data Center Designer with dedicated CPU is right for your project, here are some use cases where this solution is perfect:

  • CPU-intensive projects
  • Projects requiring complex architectures, with multiple servers, balancers or NAT gateway routing
  • Projects requiring an application balancer for HTTP/HTTPS protocol level balancing of requests
  • Projects with a SQL database external to the server to outsource management

Frequently Asked Questions about Data Center Designer

  • What is the Data Center Designer?

    Our control panel is called Data Center Designer. It has a very simple and graphic management system to facilitate your management and so you can organise your servers in data centers and make configurations with drag and drop.

    You can deploy infrastructures for complex projects with cloud servers with dedicated CPUs, managed Kubernetes and S3 storage.

  • What is a dedicated CPU?

    On dedicated CPU servers, each CPU in your server corresponds to a physical processor core with Hyperthreading that is exposed to the operating system with two logical cores that process two threads simultaneously. This means that for each virtual CPU you will get a much better performance, so you will be able to use less CPU within the RAM/CPU ratio and get the most cost-saving performance.

  • How do I access the Data Center Designer?

    The first time you will have to provide a username and password from your Client Area and you will access an empty control panel so you can deploy your projects.

    Subsequently, you will access your panel from dcd.arsys.es with the credentials you have provided us with.

  • What is the difference between Arsys Cloud and dedicated servers?

    The Data Center Designer provides dedicated physical CPUs for each server, with two hyperthreads per CPU. Unlike a dedicated server, they are virtual servers, so you can scale your server resources when you need them.

    The Data Center Designer is the perfect solution for a project with dedicated but variable resources. It is also suitable when you need cloud servers in combination with a Kubernetes solution.

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