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Features Description
Hybrid infrastructure Using a single panel, you can manage your Cloud Server and also, if your project needs it, provision and manage Dedicated Servers. Furthermore, you can connect them to your Cloud Servers, if ever your project needs a hybrid architecture.
Unlimited and free data transfer No need to worry about data consumption. The service includes all data transfer, both incoming and outgoing. With the highest speed and at no extra cost..
Connectivity We connect your servers to the Internet through a completely redundant communications network through two fibre optic trunk links with 10 Gbps capacity each.
Maximum security guaranteed Our high performance data centers have the best monitoring, IPS-IDS protection, the most advanced redundant firewalls and backup services. We have earned the most demanding security and privacy certifications on the market (ISO 27001:2013, ISO 9001).
Total availability At Arsys we have uninterrupted power supplies and all the critical elements have redundancy measures, guaranteeing that recovery from any possible faults occurs in seconds.
Your applications in one click We offer you hundreds of open source applications for your Cloud Servers, along with the most popular plugins like Plesk, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, etc. They can be ready for deployment on your servers in minutes.
Total control of your servers A single panel that is accessible via the web allows you to independently manage all of your IT infrastructure in the cloud. Manage servers, storage, networks, firewalls, load distribution, backups, monitoring, auto-sizing, consumption and everything you need for your IT services. The service also has an API that you can integrate into your systems.
Plesk Panel with unlimited domains Plesk Panel is included free on servers so that you can manage your domains and hosting with the best user experience.
Root access In addition to root access to all your servers, included for free is remote management of your server, accessed through the KVM console.
Additional IP addresses Add the public IPs you need.
Operating Systems Included at no additional cost are the following Linux operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, CoreOS, Arch Linux and openSuse, as well as the latest versions of Windows.
Applications and Databases We offer the most popular programming environments (PHP, Perl, Python) and databases (MySQL5, SQL Server) for your Cloud Servers, so that you can easily install them on your server. Of course, you can also install all the software you want for your project.
24x7 free support You have complete control of your servers through the Control Panel and your Client Area. If you need help at any time, don't hesitate to contact us. You have highly qualified technicians available. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Arsys's Hybrid Cloud

Arsys's Hybrid Cloud is a flexible Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution that enables you provision and manage, from a single panel, Dedicated Servers (with resources used exclusively for your project) and Cloud Servers (for environments or applications that have more variable demand needs).


You can interconnect these services to one another quickly and easily. You also get load balancers, VPNs, private networks, additional IP addresses and unlimited traffic, all completely free.


you only pay for the minutes used by each server (also on the dedicated servers). In other words, there are no fixed costs, only what you need at any given time.

What does the Hybrid Cloud allow me to do?

The possibilities of a Hybrid Cloud are the same as needs of your project - it is completely flexible. You can activate Dedicated or Cloud Servers and connect them or keep them independent, depending on your project requirements at any given time. These are just a few of their characteristicswd:

  • Cloud Servers with preconfigured sizes and options or a flexible version in which you can configure resources as you wish.
  • Dedicated Servers with resources used exclusively for your project. You can choose between various available sizes and configurations.
  • Shared storage
  • Firewall Policies.
  • Load balancers, VPNs, private networks and additional IP addresses.
  • Snapshots (Cloud Servers) and security copies.
  • Monitoring rules and alerts and automated management.
  • Connectivity of up to 1 Gbps and unlimited traffic.
  • SSDs and latest generation processors.
  • Windows and Linux images available (Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, CoreOS, ArchiLinux, openSuse).
  • You can create backups of the platforms you have housed both outside and inside of Arsys.
  • Access via root or API.
  • Advanced support and administration services.

Examples of infrastructures with a Hybrid Cloud

A combination of Cloud and Dedicated Servers is the perfect solution for projects which have any of the following needs:

Create layered architectures with front-ends that adapt to peaks in demand. For example, an online shop that gets many hits during the sales period but very few in summer could, in this case, house its e-business in a Cloud Server. But to store its databases (customer addresses, bank details, etc.), it would use a Dedicated Server which guarantees greater security and compliance with data protection laws. This hybrid infrastructure would be completed by connecting the cloud and dedicated servers to one another.

Run pre-production service tests for applications development. In this case, as IT development environments require a lot of testing, Cloud Servers which allow for great flexibility and scalability would be assigned. In contrast, once the solution has been decided upon, the production environment would be housed in the Dedicated Servers, seeing as these types of applications require high performance capacity.

Fulfil needs for high performance in business intelligence environments when managing large volumes of data. Due to the sensitivity of the data and the need for a high capacity, the best solution would be a Dedicated Server. Linking it to a Cloud Server in a hybrid infrastructure would allow, thanks to the flexibility, said data to be displayed and analysed.

Try our new Dedicated Servers absolutely Free right now

You get 30 days free from the moment you contract the service, so you can launch your servers and check their performance, functionality and ease of use. No initial payment and no fixed term contract.

After these 30 free trial days, you will start to be charged for the services you are using - it is a pay-per-use model. Payments are made monthly, based on the hours of use of each of the resources.

If you are not an Arsys client yet, we will only use your credit card details to check your identity. We will never charge you anything unless the services you use cost more than the established credit.

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Frequently asked questions about Hybrid Cloud

Do I have root access to my servers?

Of course. Unlimited root access to your servers, both Cloud and Dedicated, provides you with maximum flexibility and total control over your data. There is also KVM access so that you can access your server and manage it remotely.

Can I install any software I want on my Cloud Servers?

Yes. Since you have root access to your Cloud Server, you can install any software you want. Arsys offers more than 100 templates that are ready for deployment on your Cloud Servers.

Can I use Plesk on my servers?

Yes. Arsys offers Plesk ONYX completely free on Dedicated and Cloud Servers. Plesk provides an easy-to-use web interface that enables you to optimise server management, as well as a large number of administrative tools.

Can I resize my servers?

This depends on the server type. Both Flex and preconfigured Cloud Servers can be hot-resized by accessing the Control Panel at any time. On dedicated servers, you cannot resize your server but you can either reinstall it or de-activate it and then activate a new server from the control panel of your service.

Is Arsys's Hybrid Cloud secure?

Due to its geo-redundant structure and an external connectivity speed of 300 Gbit/s, we guarantee the availability of your projects. Furthermore, you can add a series of additional services such as security copies, personalised firewall rules and SSL Certificates to your server, in order to protect your data with 256 bit encryption. All of this makes Arsys's Data Centers among the most secure and efficient in the world.

Can I add additional characteristics to the servers that are part of my Hybrid Cloud?

Everything you need for your project. Amongst others, you can enjoy: IPs, security copies, images, shared storage, etc.

What is the 30 days free promotion?

With this promotion you can enjoy 30 days, free of charge, of a panel which you can use to deploy both Dedicated and Cloud Servers.

Are there any activation costs for Cloud or Dedicated Servers?

No. The activation of all resources, from the panel or through the website, is completely free.

When are the resources billed?

At the beginning of each month, once the free trial period has elapsed, we'll send you a single invoice for the resources you used in the previous month.

How are the contracted services billed?

Both in the case of dedicated servers and Cloud Next Flexible servers, you will only pay for the resources you use. If you have a flexible cloud server that is de-activated, you will only be charged for the occupied hard-drive space. Never for RAM or CPU.

If you have preconfigured Cloud models, the resources continue to be billed by RAM, CPU and Disk Space, independently of the status of the server.

Is there a fixed term contract period?

There is no fixed term contract period. You can de-activate your Cloud Next Flexible and/or Dedicated resources from your Control Panel when you need to and you will only be billed for what you have used.

For preconfigured Cloud models, as the payment is monthly, if you decide to change to a superior model, we will bill you for each model depending on the time that each one was active over the course of the month. If you want to de-activate the service before the month is over, we will not bill you for the remaining days.

Leaving the panel empty means that you will not generate any more costs and you can de-activate your control panel from the client area as long as there is no server deployed on it.

Do I have complete control over what I will be charged at the end of the month?

Of course. In the Control Panel there is a billing section and a usage section which you can use at any time to check the costs generated in that month, the resources that created these costs and you can view an estimate of the total for the current month. There is also a section for displaying invoices issued in the past, with their respective breakdowns of your previous usage.

Does transfer have any additional costs?

No. At Arsys, data transfer is free, at the quickest speed and with no additional costs.

Is the 24x7 support also included?

Of course. Whenever you require assistance, you can contact our experts by telephone or by email, at any time of day, seven days a week.


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