Private Cloud powered by VMware®

Arsys Private Cloud powered by VMware® is the most advanced, secure and innovative solution for your Software Defined Virtual Data Center (SDDC). Based on VMware® hyperconverged technology (vSphere, vSAN and NSX-T), it will enable you to manage and distribute your own storage, network and computing resources. And all of this is on a pay-per-use basis, including the licenses and with no initial costs or fixed term contracts

The most basic cluster starts with 3 nodes (physical servers) and you can choose between 4 different models, depending on which computing, RAM and storage capacities best suit your needs:

  • Cluster Silver 48

    from 975 €/month *
    (additional host 325 €/month)
    • Intel Xeon Silver 4214
    • 3 x 12/24 Cores/Threads
    • 3 x 48 GB RAM
    • 3 x 1.000 GB NVMe** (Cache per Host 375 Gb Intel Optane)
    • 2 x 10 Gbps (internal network)
    • Up to 3 Gbps (public network)
  • Cluster Gold 96

    from 1290 €/month *
    (additional host 430 €/month)
    • Intel Xeon Gold 6210
    • 3 x 20/40 Cores/Threads
    • 3 x 96 GB RAM
    • 3 x 2.000 GB NVMe** (Cache per Host 375 Gb Intel Optane)
    • 2 x 10 Gbps (internal network)
    • Up to 3 Gbps (public network)
  • Cluster Gold 192

    from 1470 €/month *
    (additional host 490 €/month)
    • Intel Xeon Gold 6126
    • 3 x 12/24 Cores/Threads
    • 3 x 192 GB RAM
    • 3 x 4.000 GB NVMe** (Cache per Host 375 Gb Intel Optane)
    • 2 x 10 Gbps (internal network)
    • Up to 3 Gbps (public network)
  • Cluster Gold 384

    from 2070 €/month *
    (additional host 690 €/month)
    • Intel Xeon Gold 6230
    • 3 x 20/40 Cores/Threads
    • 3 x 384 GB RAM
    • 3 x 15.360 GB SSD** (Cache per Host 2x 1 TB NVMe)
    • 2 x 10 Gbps (internal network)
    • Up to 3 Gbps (public network)

** vSAN gross storage.

* Flexible Tariff

Arsys is the first provider in the market to offer a flexible pay-per-use model for the Private Cloud.

The flexible rate with a billing per minutes and without contractual links, guarantees maximum flexibility, the lowest cost of entry, and an automatic adjustment of the same when the reserved cluster is not fully used.

The flexible rate includes a fixed base price (defined by the type of cluster and the plus additional hosts), and two variable costs for consumption of:

  • VMware RAM management License (6 €/License)
  • VMware VSAN storage License (0,0005 €/License)

Also, for greater accuracy, memory and storage consumption are measured daily and automatically with embedded tools from VMware.

As an example, a Silver-48 3-host cluster with 95,37 GB allocated RAM *, 57,22 Gb Reserved RAM **, and 2,1 Teras Storage, would have a Daily Price of 11,45 €/RAM License, 1,05 €/storage License, and 32,50 €/base. Assuming that the previous values remain constant, would have a Month Price of 1350 €.

* Note. Allocated RAM = Physical Server memory, which is generally assigned to the instances (VMs or virtual machines) but can be used by other instances if it is not in use.

** Note Reserved RAM = Physical Server memory, which is generally assigned to instances (VMs or virtual machines) and cannot be used by other instances.


Its main features are:


Based on VMware®'s hyper-converged solution, which includes vSphere, vSAN and NSX-T technologies as part of the service, you can manage and distribute your own storage, network and computing resources.


This solution is perfect for scenarios with overflows and/or the migration of workloads to the cloud, cloning and contingency environments or expansions of your current data center in order to facilitate the swift development and housing of new applications.

Simplified operation

If you already have a VMware® environment, our Private Cloud will enable you to make full use of any investments you may have made and the knowledge you have already gained with this technology.


The service is a Sphere cluster which starts with a minimum of three physical servers or nodes and it will allow you to grow or reduce in size at your own pace. This will enable you to accommodate the work peaks required by your project.

Dedicated Hardware

All the hardware is dedicated 100% exclusively to you and all our servers are equipped with cutting-edge technology such as second generation Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Optane™ NVMe memory.

High availability

All servers in your data center are set up in a cluster architecture which is fully redundant in the event of failures. This guarantees the absolute security and availability which your most critical projects need.

Total control over the infrastructure

Arsys takes care of managing all the base VMware® software and the hardware which comprises your service. However, by using the various VMware® administration panels, you can have full control over the management of everything which occurs on the base infrastructure, with no intervention from Arsys.


Arsys Private Cloud powered by VMware® is specially designed for projects which require speed, innovation and cost optimisation, seeing as it does not require any initial investments. It's the perfect solution for the following scenarios:

  • Overflow or migration of workloads to the cloud.
  • Cloning and contingency environments
  • The expansion of an existing VMware® data center, seeing as this facilitates the quick development and housing of new or next generation applications.
  • Start-ups of hyper-converging systems which enable you to improve operational efficiency through the centralisation of the management of all your virtual environments across a single interface.


We offer a 24/7 service.

We have years of experience in the management of thousands of clients in VMware® environments.

We have the guarantee of the most prestigious certificates and accreditations:

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