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Secure and cost-effective S3 object storage

1TB of outgoing traffic for free and free of charge for requests
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  • Scalable to suit your needs
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Compatible with the S3 standard
  • Integrated bucket management console
  • With object blocking to protect your data against ransomware
  • Create replicas in other locations

S3 storage features in Data Center Designer

  • S3 compatibility

    Native support for the S3 standard so you can use it with compatible applications.

  • High scalability

    Data Center Designer is scalable to suit the needs of your project.

  • Easy to use

    Manage your buckets from an intuitive control panel or via REST API.

  • High availability

    The storage infrastructure in S3 is built on high availability to ensure that your data is accessible.

  • Access control

    Granular permissions management to share your data with other authorised users.

  • Object blocking

    Protect your data against ransomware by activating WORM (write once read many) via API.

  • Security

    Your data is protected by the strictest privacy policies. That is why we are certified, for example, with ISO 27001.

  • Support in Spanish

    At no extra cost, you can count on our experts to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What can you do with S3 storage?

S3 object storage is designed to offer long-term file provisioning space at an economical price. Furthermore, because of its compatibility, S3 can be used with compatible applications and use cases.

  • Medium

    Storage for web files: videos, photos, pdf...

  • Backup and Archiving

    Long-term storage for backup and archiving files.

  • Big Data

    Storage for large files: big data, IoT sensor data...

We give you 1TB of outgoing traffic free of charge and no request fees

With S3 storage you pay only for your resource usage: space used and outgoing data transfer.
There is no charge for unused space.

  • 1 GB Storage

    From €0.015/GB

  • Requests HTTP


  • Incoming Transfer free of charge

    1TB free outgoing traffic

More information on prices

Frequently Asked Questions about S3

  • What is the Data Center Designer?

    It is a panel from which you can deploy and manage your virtual data center in the Cloud in a very intuitive and simple way. In addition to S3 storage, from Data Center Designer you can have cloud servers with dedicated CPUs or managed Kubernetes.

  • How do I access my control panel?

    The first time you log in to your control panel it will be empty so you can deploy your projects. In addition, you will need to set up an email and password to use the Data Center Designer from your Client Area.

    In subsequent accesses, using that email and password, you will be able to log in directly to your panel through the URL

  • How can I manage my buckets?

    You have several options for managing your object storage:

    • Application integrated in the Data Center Designer, from which you can create your buckets, manage permissions and upload files up to 5GB.
    • Through the S3 API or a compatible application. In the Data Center Designer you can find the credentials and access URLs to be able to use your S3 storage via REST API or with S3 compatible applications.
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  • Data centers in Spain

    Ensure compliance with Spanish regulations concerning the protection of data of a personal nature and the measures required by the PDPL. Here at Arsys we guarantee that your data will never leave Spain.

  • Our Own Call Center in Spain

    More than 300 people, who are passionate about technology and in continuous training, dedicated exclusively to answer your questions and queries.

  • 365 days a year, 24 hours a day

    You can contact us in the way which best adapts to your needs: the Client Area or email.

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