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Backup and Contingency Managed Services as a solution for your business

If you are interested in Passive Security solutions with Veeam to implement in your project, we are happy to listen to you and design a customised service for you.

Backup and Contingency Managed Services

  • Unlike our backup or disaster recovery solutions as a service where you have a self-service model (with access to a control panel or portal to schedule your backup jobs, retention policies, file or virtual machine recovery, etc.), in our Backup and Contingency as a managed service offering, our Veeam experts also schedule backups, manage policies, perform frequent testing, provide recovery services, etc.

  • In this way, with our managed backup and contingency services you can have end-to-end solutions, delegate responsibilities, obtain rapid deployments, pay-as-you-go models without investments and use our data centres that are benchmarks in quality and security.

Years of experience and thousands of Backup and Contingency customers

We provide you with our own resources and an ecosystem of partners to offer you the best portfolio of managed services. In addition, you will have Veeam experts, which makes us, among other things, the only Veeam Cloud & Service Provider Platinum in Spain. With the added bonus of having the differential combination of being a Cloud service provider and managed services in one.

Typical use cases that require a Backup and Contingency service are:

  • Backup & Contingency services that require more customisation
  • Backup and Contingency solutions needing additional or specific functionality

Our Backup and Contingency solutions are perfect if:

  • If you require more customisation, proximity and attention.
  • If you are looking for a service with the least involvement of your resources and IT department.
  • If you prefer to concentrate your resources on other types of activities.
  • If you have limited IT departments and resources.
  • If you have little experience in Backup and Contingency solutions.
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