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Cloud Connect Replication, contingency within everyone's reach

If you are interested in Passive Security solutions with Veeam to implement in your project, we are happy to listen to you and design a customised service for you.

Cloud Connect Replication

  • By 2022, 70%* of organisations had some form of Disaster Recovery plan. Businesses are increasingly reliant on IT infrastructures, but until now, having contingency plans and disaster recovery environments in place was complex, costly and limited to a few companies.

    *Veeam Data Protection Trends Report 2023

  • With our solution, based on Veeam technology, we democratise and simplify the availability of a disaster recovery service. You can have a copy of your virtual machines in our data centre, on a pay-as-you-go basis and without investment. This way, you will be prepared for unexpected disasters and you will have the confidence of working with the same features you would have in your data centre. In addition, you can minimise downtime, experience fast and flexible failover and optimised failback of specific machines or your entire site in our data centre.

Cloud Connect Replication is available to you

Our Cloud Connect Replication solution is a natural and functional extension of your Veeam technologies to a Cloud data centre. In this way, we achieve the democratisation of Disaster Recovery with the power of Veeam and Arsys.

The most common use cases for Cloud Connect Replication are the following:

  • Business Continuity from a single platform
  • Hybrid cloud solution combining your on-premise and the Arsys Cloud
  • Partial or full disaster recovery, includingfailover andfailback

When is Cloud Connect Replication recommended?

  • For those who already have Veeam technology on-premises and want a natural extension to their contingency plans.
  • For those who need contingency plans with contained costs, without capital investment and on a pay-as-you-go basis.
  • For those concerned about cyber security and its impact on business continuity.
  • For those who already have contingency plans and want to establish a secondary location for replication and activation in case of contingency in the reference Cloud in Spain.
  • For those looking to deploy and operate a unified contingency solution with reliability and agility.
  • For those sensitive to Data Sovereignty, Regulation and GDPR compliance with a local provider with years of experience.
  • For those who want their first Cloud service to be hosted by a local provider with extensive industry experience such as Arsys.
  • For those who have important virtual machine environments, especially in VMware vSphere environments, due to its important integration with Veeam.

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