Sustainability and CSR

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Our goal: contributing to a more sustainable world

We care about the environment, security, the privacy of our customers' data and doing business based on ethics. We believe that economic growth must respect the health of our planet, help reduce inequalities and promote social well-being. We want to live up to our responsibility to contribute to a better tomorrow and have therefore made sustainability a key part of our strategy.

To achieve this, we invest in initiatives that help us run our business as sustainably as possible and develop products and services that enable our customers to take advantage of the latest innovations in Green IT.

We combine all technological and industrial resources available to offer the maximum reliability in our services with the highest rates of energy efficiency. We try to promote the responsible use of computing and energy resources so we can benefit from the competitive advantages of ICT in the most efficient manner possible and reduce our carbon footprint.

Sustainable facilities

Saving energy in data centers is one of the main tools we have to protect the environment. Our facilities incorporate the latest advances in energy efficiency, starting with an elaborate architectural layout and configuration. Our data centre is a sophisticated infrastructure whose construction is based on an innovative long-term planning model "Invest As You Grow" that allows us to adjust and adapt its facilities to the growth of the company, the economic situation and the pace of digitalisation demanded by our business fabric and the development of the Knowledge Society.

  • Intelligent cooling

    Our data centre incorporates advanced air conditioning systems to optimise its energy efficiency. Our aisles are installed in a "hot aisle, cold aisle" configuration that facilitates direct air conditioning over the server area and avoids cooling unnecessary areas.

    We rely on Artificial Intelligence which, applied to the different monitoring systems and to the control of the technical rooms, helps us to maintain the installation at an optimum pressure and temperature by means of variable ventilation. And we have incorporated the latest technology such as adiabatic cooling, a physical process that cools the air by evaporating water.

    All these measures allow us to achieve an annual average PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) of 1.25. PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the most widespread indicator for measuring the efficiency of data centers and it compares the total energy consumption of the facilities with that used for the running of the IT equipment. With a PUE of 1.25, for each kWh consumed by servers or storage cabinets, only 0.25 kWh are dedicated to supplying the facilities (climate control, lighting, etc.).

  • Performance optimisation and demand reduction

    Energy efficiency is not only achieved by equipping facilities with state-of-the-art air-conditioning systems. Just as important is optimising the load on our servers and keeping it at those ratios that guarantee the most sustainable operation without performance losses.

    In addition, our experience in consolidation projects through virtualised environments and cloud platforms allows us to reduce the number of servers being used, minimising energy consumption and even improving the quality of service.

    Together, these measures have reduced the company's energy consumption by 20%, the equivalent of around 500,000 kilowatt hours (KWh) per year, counting both the power consumption of the servers and the electricity needed to keep them cool.

  • Renewable energies

    Since 2015, our Data Centre has been supplied with energy from 100% renewable sources.

  • Regular investments and only efficient hardware

    We use the most modern and therefore the most efficient hardware on the market. We analyse the latest innovations and regularly renew our servers and all those components that help us to reduce energy consumption without waiting until they have reached the end of their life cycle. In addition to energy efficiency, we improve their performance and service to our customers.

  • Recycling programmes

    We have adopted various internal environmental policies, including the correct recycling of hardware in line with international standards.


Transparency, assurance and reliability

Our facilities support the development of a robust digital ecosystem and provide businesses with a highly resilient infrastructure while respecting the sustainability of our planet. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is backed by a series of certifications and external audits that we carry out on a regular basis and which provide companies with the transparency and confidence they need to opt for our solutions.

  • Tier III Certification

    Ensures that our data centre is capable of delivering the highest level of performance, reliability, scalability and high availability, and meets the highest capacity standards.

  • Information Security ISO 27001

    Ensures proactive management of information security and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

  • ISO 9001 Quality

    Worldwide benchmark for certifying the quality of products and services in accordance with certain requirements and standards.

  • ISO 50001 Energy Management

    Distinguishes organisations that incorporate systems that improve the efficiency and costs associated with energy consumption and minimise greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Spanish National Security Framework

    This certification accredits that Arsys complies with a scheme that establishes the basic principles and minimum security requirements for information systems demanded by Public Administrations.

  • SAP-Certified® Infrastructure Operations Services

    Our Cloud platform is designed to simplify and accelerate any SAP HANA deployment.

  • AENOR Certificate of Good Practice for Electronic Commerce

    It ensures that Arsys complies with the eCommerce Code of Good Practice in its processes, client relations, contracting and out-of-court dispute resolution.

  • Environmental management ISO 14001:2015

    Arsys implements the requirements of this standard to manage our environmental responsibilities in a systematic way that contributes to the environmental pillar of sustainability.

United in diversity

Our corporate culture promotes diversity, tolerance and equal opportunities regardless of nationality, race, language, physical appearance, gender, ideology or sexual identity. Because a team that reflects the many facets of society is much more efficient and creative and makes both the employees and the company itself unique.

Diversity and equal opportunities encourage the exchange of ideas and innovations. They make organisations more productive, foster the personal enrichment of their teams and contribute to creating a fairer society. A diverse environment is a precondition for any company to be able to do business in a sustainable way and therefore prepares it for the long term and to successfully face its future.

We care about facilitating fair coexistence by ensuring the free development of the strengths of each and every one of us, united in diversity.

Committed to our employees

Without a doubt, our employees are the backbone of our company's success.

Only with a solid and forward-looking project is it possible to bring together so many talented and highly qualified professionals. We nurture the development of our teams and encourage open and transparent cooperation based on a shared value system.

We ensure that all our employees work in the best conditions and in a safe and healthy environment. Sustainability and diversity are only possible if they can combine their personal and professional lives. That is why we create a motivating and stable work environment where each employee has his or her own autonomy, with flexible working hours and a telecommuting policy that facilitates work-life balance.

In addition, we conduct regular surveys to measure their satisfaction, better understand their needs and always strive for the best possible working conditions.